bitJob Bounty Launch Announcement

With +2M tokens in bounties, participate in our upcoming program, where you will help us to: raise awareness, perform simple social tasks, experience the new UI and most importantly, make our community better!

Our last post introduced our new Social Mining feature, in the context of Bill Gates’ commencement speech to the Harvard Class of 2007, where he discussed how individuals need to use emerging technologies to find solutions to help solve poverty and other global issues. Interestingly enough, two days following our post, Bill Gates recorded his thoughts on using digital currencies to solve poverty:

“Poor people do have assets: their intellect, their labor, their savings; but the problem is that they don’t have financial tools to capitalize on these resources….Transforming the underlying economics of financial services through digital currency will help those who live in poverty directly.”

Social Mining is the answer to Bill Gates’ newest proposed solution — we have found a way to help people capitalize on their assets by working for income through the bitJob platform, as well as earn through actions that they already do daily. For more on Social Mining, check out our last post here.

bitJob, founded in early 2016 by three childhood friends, who, like many students, were struggling to find sufficient time to earn income while studying. Upon graduation, they were faced with another obstacle: their lack of experience translated to fewer professional opportunities in their field.

The core vision — the opportunity for all students to pursue their dreams — has led the team to run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign (ICO), enabling the firm to develop a Social Mining™ platform and thus expand the global movement already backed by academic institutions and supports from around the world.

bitJob had created a Social Mining™ Revolution. The company’s newest social feature, based on Ethereum Smart Contracts, streams income for the masses by engaging in simple social actions. A natural outcome of Social Mining™ is enhanced user engagement, which propels bitJob’s original message: helping students gain relevant work experience. The platform allows students to earn digital currencies through engagement, while gaining experience and skills for future career success. This, in turn, helps bitJob to organically grow its employer base and active users, who also embrace the bitJob social message.

Social Mining is also valuable to the employers participating in the bitJob ecosystem. Since Social Mining encourages users to share posted jobs and rankings of employers on social media and within the platform, employers gain ‘free press’ for these on various channels. By being a part of bitJob and its social impact, employers benefit because of Social Mining, as it directly improves their engagement and traction for their products.

In order to promote our fresh branding, our renewed site, and our upcoming version of the platform, bitJob is excited to announce its 3rd Official Bounty Program, rewarding the community with STU tokens.

An overall 2M tokens in STU tokens will be allocated for the social media promotion of bitjob!

The program will run between December 18, 2018 and January 10, 2018. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the campaign.

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