bitJob Core Team Statement

Hello Community,

Per the concerns of the community, I would like to release a statement regarding the state of the project, in order to assuage concerns.

We greatly appreciate our contributors for extending such a great deal of trust to our team, via your contribution.

Our team actively monitors the chat, and we have noticed that many of the short-term investors have been manipulating price and sentiments with FUD. This is unacceptable to us, and while constructive criticism / discussion is encouraged, we will no longer tolerate false accusations and general disinformation, all media channels involved.
This project is a genuine one (for sure in our crypto space), with an enormous vision and passion to deliver a cutting-edge product for businesses and students, worldwide.

It is an emotional vision which we can all relate to — We’ve all been students, are students, have children that will be students… And we can all agree that any business worldwide that will choose to work with us (Throughout hard BizDev work in each country) will gain huge savings and profits from Zero-Risk models (finalizing them as we speak).

It takes time and a lot of Sisyphean effort, patience is key and trust is needed. And again, we will not let anyone destroy or manipulate it. Never. That is our legacy and good reputation right here.

Regarding token burning.

In our eyes, it must be clear: Any contributor or trader whom the main goal is the token price MOONing in 50 days, then bitJob is not the way to go and not the right project for quick yield and profits. It is a long-term relationship and backing for creating the best and only real solution of it’s kind. If short-term profit is the top priority, then we can all just burn all of our tokens (there are sophisticated ways to do that as we all know) and close this project. Then we’ll achieve nothing but poor hype for a great solution. All because of pure greed for instant money. 
Please understand that the current price level is a result of FUD market participants such as these, not genuine investors that contributed via contract.

From the perspective of the core contributor, I can relate and empathize with your feelings. Seeing STU declining on screens is disturbing psychologically and usually brings out our emotions. This is why we’ve decided to Airdrop additional STU to our core contributors, as it will be a creative process that will encourage them to maintain their holdings much further.
Patience is KEY!

And although, the bitJob platform and business development are well on track according to the roadmap.

You have trusted us up to this point, please extend your faith as we progress along the roadmap.

Unite our STU community

Our priority has always been, and will continue to be with those who truly believe in the project and share the vision that we will manifest. We want to unite our STU community for the sake of the next generation.

Let’s do good everybody!

I’m sure that most of you can help us in networking worldwide (governments, city halls, student unions, businesses willing to participate, HR agencies, etc.). This kind of help and backing will drive token price up, the right healthy way.

This project is very dear to us, and we are actively in the development the bitJob platform. The new website is under construction, with a constant and consistent focus on platform development (centralized and decentralized alike) and building utility into the STU token through partnerships globally.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing updates concerning the status of the project, addressing partnerships, back-end development status, and the overall level of progress. As always, your patience is appreciated with these matters.

Look forward to additional updates in the very near future.

Thank you again for your trust, 
Enjoy your weekend,