bitJob Decides to Prevent New Registrations for Slack Channel

Please Join our Main Telegram Channel:

Please be Careful!

Dear bitJob Community,
Due to the latest Malicious Bots Phishing attempts,
We have decided to:
1. Close our Slack channel for newcomers. No one will be able to Join in.
2. Move our Slack channel into Read-Only mode.
3. For Chinese our members, Please join WeChat here:

  • We will continue to publish our latest news and developments in the Slack channel until further notice.

I Urge you all — Join our movement and meet the team:
Our Official bitJob Telegram Channel:

Some Examples for Phishing attempts:

Potential Malicious Bots flooding in
Using our STU token logo
A Classic Phishing Attempt!

Thank you for your understanding,
Elad Kofman
bitJob Co-founder & CMO

Let’s stay safe everybody!


We are working around the clock to support our global community!

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