bitJob delivers ATMs with BCB ATM UK

bitJob is proud to announce its cooperation with the ATM company from England, BCB-ATM

BCB ATM UK & bitJob

bitJob aims to enable a new labor market for students worldwide.

Times are rough and the competition is rising. It is getting harder to find a well suited job, and even harder to find one that you enjoy in.

Today, Students globally HAVE to gain experience during their degree, instead of working in places that are not relevant to their profession, such as waiters, security guards, etc. Our platform is designed to create a place of work and accumulating experience (in addition to a much needed money) for students, who are a talented workforce, and at the same time the most difficult market to break the glass ceiling, protected by rich experience, connections and nepotism in the various industries.

But, as we all know students — after they will earn their reward, they would like to spend it. That is why we need to hand them the immediate way to do it, and thanks to BCB-ATM, the United Kingdom is covered!

One of the highlights of bitJob is to make the whole issue of blockchain technology become mainstream and accessible to all. Nowadays, the blockchain adoption is rather slow, in contrast to other technologies that have been adopted more easily as a result of their accessibility.
Today, we are proud to present our first cooperation with an ATM company, BCB-ATM, which actually provides ATMs throughout the UK, where you can pay and receive any currency you want. This cooperation will enable us to meet one of our main goals: to make the product accessible to anyone who wants to use the platform. No more difficulties in withdrawing or depositing funds.

This is a significant milestone that goes into the core of bitJobs’ vision-to collaborate with every academic institution in the world and to educate students about cryptocurrency and the blockchain revolution.

bitJob Pre-ICO

We have launched our presale stage on August 2nd, as it will run for 2 weeks, until August 16th. The ICO is scheduled for September 12th ,as the goal of this fundraising campaign is to truly change the student labor market.

We place a very high emphasis on the social aspect of the project and know that it will help a number of population groups that are being pushed into a corner these days around the world, aka “the unbanked”.


We are working around the clock to support our community.

bitJob presale is starting August 2nd.
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