** bitJob — January 2018 Update **

Full steam ahead!

Dear community,
We have been working on multiple levels at parallel planes, and we want to give you an update regarding our recent developments. We planned to publish a short review video, but due to the great amount of information we decided to make it easier to translate and understand in all languages.

We are very close to completing the website construction and the new branding in the next few days. The site is in the final stages of QA, and will be launched in the next two weeks.

This objective has been somewhat delayed, but we are sure you will like the result! The new branding style has passed an opinion poll in relevant focus groups — both in the Crypto community and the “old” world.

Parallel to the new site, the development team is working simultaneously on the release of beta version of the bitJob platform, which is scheduled for the end of this quarter. The beta will include the participation of thousands of registered students from all over the world from leading institutions, as well as select employers. We cannot name names until negotiations are complete, but here is a sampling of our collaborations:
- A Global leading accounting firm as an affiliate;
- An international software company with about 2000 Android-based Auto Cashiers that will implement and integrate STU into the new and exciting campuses environment;
- A collaboration with one of the most lovable European services providers firm;
- Many more fresh collaborations with student unions and academic institutions.

Together, we will work to create the global student ecosystem we all strive for!

It is worth the wait guys and gals!

Crypto Exchanges
In the very near future (exact dates will be given ASAP), STU will be launched in a number of other exchanges (CoinExchange, OpenLedger). 
We are also excited to go live on one of the most promising exchanges out there... Including special AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the crypto exchange’s executives for maximum exposure and communities engagements.
Stay tuned to our channels for additional info, we aim to release this statement fully, by next week!

We continue negotiations with the world’s leading exchanges (Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Cryptopia, etc.). Due to the sensitivity of the process, we can not yet announce any concrete agreement. We are loyal to our community, and are remiss to announce a listing before it is finalized.

The process of registering for crypto exchanges is very delicate and expensive, and we do not want to find ourselves in a situation where we declare a certain cooperation with an exchange prematurely. Things can get delayed beyond our control (such as COSS, which we published at the beginning of the road and are still working on registering to increase liquidity).

We thank you for the patience you have demonstrated over the last month! We really believe in transparency here at bitJob, and these are all very important priorities for us.

In the meanwhile, here are a few things we are working on in the background:

  • A large-scale marketing campaign in our media channels — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    - A new Bounty program to help spread the word in the Crypto community.
    - The world’s leading PR company (Blonde 2.0) that will provide us with fertile ground for upcoming releases with their connections in the crypto industry.

— — — — — —

In the past two weeks the team has been interviewed by several leading media channels in Israel and around the world:

Video reporter on Israel’s leading news channel, Channel 2 news

The Top Israeli News Site — Walla (Use Google Translate)

On for The world’s leading news site — Sputnik News

— — — — — — —

The team will soon visit the Super Conference conference in Texas and sponsor the event!
We will be happy to see you at the event and meet face to face if you are present.
Other conferences we would be happy to see you in -

Texas Bitcoin Super Conference — February 16–18.
Money 2020 in Singapore — March 13–15.
TOKEN 2049 in Hong Kong — March 20–21.
TransAct in Las Vegas — April 17–19.
Consensus in NYC — May 12–16.
MoneyConf in Dublin — June 11–13.

We encourage you to share your leads regarding relevant businesses (Global SMEs / SMBs is awesome) from all around the world, who would love to join our pilot!
Contact us Today! Info@bitJob.io

bitJob Ambassador Program

Are you motivated, love crypto, and excited about the potential of the bitJob Project?

Help us and Spread the bitJob Gospel!

We are currently in the process of developing a reward program for our most enthusiastic ‘STU-dents!’. Get rewarded with cool bitJob merchandise and prizes for spreading the word about our project; you can even earn the STU token for your efforts! Please stand by while we finalize the details of our program, we will release more details then.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —