bitJob welcomes the Chinese Student Community

It’s been a year since we first launched our project, Site, and formal Whitepaper, and WOW what a journey it’s been!

We’ve still got a long way to go in our vision of providing the best short-term Jobs marketplace platform that empowers Students to work from their home — Online, while enriching their Dynamic resume, and while they’re still studying.

Today We’d like to announce our new Chinese version to our website. We’ve redesigned our look and feel to be more suitable for the Chinese crowd, Our website and our app (which you can see here), focusing on ease-of-use and an exceptional user experience. It’s an exciting time for us at bitJob to welcome the Chinese community open handed.

bitJob 将让学生有机会在第一时间赚到钱,并提升他们的技能,同时丰富他们的履历,在随时随地!

If you do read Chinese, you’ll notice that we’ve Uploaded a new Chinese version of our whitepaper. We believe that bitJob truly does brings opportunity for students world wide ,To receive immediate payment for their abilities, To sharpen their skills, And to enrich their resume with relevant experience, anytime & anywhere!

The Chinese students community is a wonderful target market for bitJob with hundreds of Millions of Chinese students who can start working from their home, on top of Blockchain technology, with externally low fees, and without any bureaucracy or payment limitation!

Over the next few months we’ll be announcing product and company initiatives that hone in on our core mission of helping students work more, Professionally. We’ll also reveal our Improved Pilot and smart contracts which will be used in our platform.

Our ICO, as mentioned in our previous FAQ #1 Article, Is coming soon, Please stay tuned and register our website for ICO related updates and for more information about our STU token Emission.

Do you share our cause? Believe you can fit in and help? Contact us: |