bitJob’s 2nd Q&A session with the founders

Reshaping Students’ Freedom to Earn a Living.

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Elad is here. Let’s answer some more questions:

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What is a Dynamic Resume Portfolio (DRP)? Is bitJob going to offer it for free?

Yes, every student will get the option to upload his/her rated “bitJobs” and show them off, on his own unique blockchain resume. DRP is a vivid and live resume, that shows every bitJob the student took, including the rating and ranking given by his previous employers. It is completely free and will give future employers a reliable way to understand and check their bitJob applicant’s abilities and skills.

Will the students have to pay in order to use the bitJob marketplace?

The bitJob marketplace is entirely free for students worldwide. Short term online jobs from SME and SMB will give the students an opportunity to gain the real world experience they need. The students can choose any type of job they believe they are a good fit for and earn increased incentives with the STU token, depending on the job requirements and the employer’s prestige.

How can I connect to the marketplace? ÐApp? Web?

We will release our first version of the marketplace for the web, and the second version as a hybrid ÐApp. We will release the beta version for Android at the 1st quarter of 2018.

Can I take several bitJobs at the same time?

Yes, as long you think you can deliver. The bitJob rating system and decentralized identity will demand a high degree of quality in execution; as a highly ranked profile means more valuable and profitable opportunities upfront.

Who is responsible for the quality of delivery?

According to the business model, every “bitJob” delivery will be examined by 1 or 2 audit judges, before handing it back to its publisher, dependending on the specific job needs. This will help provide trust from the SME/SMB side, as well as confidence and encouragement for the students to excel in the 1st year. At the beginning of the 2nd year, “5 stars bitJob students” will get the chance to judge and audit other jobs themselves, allowing them to earn more money and experience.

Where is bitJob incorporated?

bitJob will be incorporate in Gibraltar in July 2017 with the headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

STU Token — The Student token


Will the Crowdfunding be held only with ETH or also with BTC?

You can contribute to the bitJob crowdfunding campaign using ETH and FIAT (Traditional money).

Will there be an Escrow service for the collected crowdfunds?

Yes, our escrow partners will be Mikko Ohtamaa from Token Market and Peter Howitt from Ramparts law firm. Both are well respected and experienced in their fields.

When and how do I buy STU tokens during the Crowdfunding Campaign?

A contributor will be able to send ETH to a smart contract by the beginning of the bitJob Presale on Aug 2nd. The smart contract will record the sending address and at the end of the campaign, a further code check will be performed before all STUs will be sent back to the sending addresses. Regarding FIAT money, please follow us on our social media channels. We will hand out further instructions as we get closer to the presale.

How soon can I trade my STU tokens and on which exchanges?

STU tokens sold during our crowdfunding campaign will be of ERC20 standard created through smart contracts, which basically means that listing it to an exchange can be done quite easily. Specific exchanges will be announced later as it is way too soon and it would not be responsible to announce it right now. As the crowdfunding campaign is being held through smart contracts, soon after the final code is checked, each contributor will be able to redeem their tokens (credits) into his ETH wallet. Conditions for token redemption will be published prior to the presale.

Is there a maximum amount of participants that can take part in crowdfunding?

There is no restriction on the number of participants. However, since the ETH : STU price is predetermined starting at 405 STU per 1 ETH and ending at 300 STU per 1 ETH, eventually the STU will run out and the sale will end. These ranges are approximate, as final ranges will be determined prior to the presale.

Is there a minimum amount of funds to be collected during the crowdfunding campaign?

Yes, after long consideration of this matter, we have reached the conclusion that in order to produce the bitJob platform and ÐApp we will need at least 2500 ETH. Everything beyond that will help us deliver a better product in less time. In case the minimum amount isn’t reached, the crowdfunding smart contract will send all the collected funds back to the sending addresses.

Will there be any refunds available after contributing?

In the case that the minimum cap of 2500K ETH is not reached, a refund will take place automatically. Otherwise all sales are final. We strongly recommend you read all about the project in our blog and our Whitepapers and complete thorough due diligence before contributing.

Start Date
The Initial Coin Offering will start on Tuesday, September 12th, 17:00 UTC.
The Presale Campaign will start on Wednesday, August 2nd, 17:00 UTC.
End Date
It will last for 4 weeks OR until our CAP is reached.
Crowdfunding CAP
It will be hard capped to 200,000 ETH cap and will be determined by the ETH price on Sunday.

Crowdsale discount phases

Crowdsale early stages where you can buy STU at a discount price. More details soon.

How many STU tokens will be sold?

  • 128 million during the crowdfunding campaign, as the total token supply is 200 million STU.

64% of the 100 million tokens will be sold during the crowdfunding campaign and 36% retained for advisory board and team compensation, as well as platform development and maintenance.

Smart Contracts

All smart contracts will be published on Token Market’s Github.


Waiting for more questions from the community,

Thanks for your time,

Elad Kofman
Co-founder & CMO @ bitJob

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