Michigan FinTech Joins bitJob’s Marketplace Upcoming Pilot

New exciting career options and opportunities for Michigan University students

We are proud to announce on another collaboration with the respected university of Michigan. More than 40,000 students will get the chance to replace their everyday tedious jobs, with online and professional jobs that are related to their true profession (Instead of bartending like nowadays).

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A few words about Michigan University:

Considered one of the foremost research universities in the United States, Michigan is classified as a Doctoral University with Very High Research by the Carnegie Foundation. Its comprehensive graduate program offers doctoral degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as professional degrees in architecture, business, medicine, law, pharmacy, nursing, social work, public health, and dentistry. Michigan’s body of living alumni comprises more than 540,000 people, one of the largest alumni bases of any university in the world.

The University of Michigan largely shapes the economy of Ann Arbor and employs more than 30,000 people in a variety of fields and units. Other large employers in the city are also connected to the university, and it attracts them: hi-tech, bio-technology, research institutes, health services and others. There are about 43,000 students at the university.

Michigan FinTech

“Big changes are coming to the financial services industry. We want to get our students up to speed and excited about the innovations and emerging technologies that are transforming financial services.”
“Our goal is to connect our students with opportunities and careers (internships, part-time, full-time) at leading FinTech companies that are transforming the way financial services are created and delivered.”
“FinTech and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. We want to turn the University of Michigan into a hub for FinTech innovation and entrepreneurship by arming our students with the resources necessary to bring innovative products to the market.”

As part of this collaboration, the university’s student population will take part in the bitJob’s platform pilot. We see great importance working with large universities, networking and connecting to a population of high quality students. These pilot ‘early birds’ insights are pure gold for the bitJob emerging marketplace, as they are our most dedicated segment of users with the ability to make a change and provide their unique user experience point of view.

List of collaborations with academic institutions around the world:

Blockchain at Berkeley at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, California).

McGill Cryptocurrency Club at Mcgill University (Montreal, Canada).

University of Florida Bitcoin Club (Gainesvillle, Florida).

Concordia Fintech Society at Concordia University (New York City, New York).

The Ivey Business School at Western University (Ontario, Canada).

Infolab at the Cyprus International Institute of Management.

The Blockchain Education Network (Global).

A Short Q&A session:

A kind reminder for those who forgot what bitJob is:

The world’s first global marketplace for student employment built on the blockchain. The core element of the bitJob mission is to connect university students with the next generation labor opportunities, for gainful employment and engagement with digital currency.

Q: What problems does STU token solve?

A: bitJob marketplace connects students with SMB/SME for online short-term jobs and rewarding them with cryptocurrency (STU — the student token), Solving a variety of painful problems:

Students: (1) Short on cash during their academic period and (2) are lacking occupational experience once they graduate.
Employers (SMB/SME): (3) Find it difficult to hire quality temporary workers that fit their budget and (4) most of them fail in recruiting students.
Blockchain tech: a Wonderful tech with some well-known problems — (5) The reputation of Bitcoin and the mainstream lack of trust in it, (6) it is too difficult to use it, (7) there is a lack of understanding and knowledge, (8) problematic regulatory environment and frankly, (9) there is no sense of urgency or need throughout the wide public concerns (we all use banks and other centralized platforms today).

Q: What is the STU token value?

A: The STU token will be used inside the marketplace only for executing transactions between all parties involved. Students will be able to be rewarded with immediate payments in STUs (with proper incentives) or PayPal. For example, an exchange student will be able to use STU token wherever he chooses to study, and to spend it in his local around-the-campus small businesses, without using its local currency.

Q: Why would the value increase over time?

A: Apart from trading and executing transactions on the platform, our currency has many benefits. It will be used in a variety of stores in the various educational institutions, and for student services such as photocopying, barber shops, etc. Moreover, Professors, doctors and teachers will be rewarded in STU for auditing and rating (“Judging”) of the students work, ensuring its quality. In the near future, top “5 star bitJob students” will be able to become Judges themselves, getting rewarded with STU.

We are creating new collaborations with top academic institutions everyday, driving crypto to the mainstream by emphasising the enormous demand.

Q: Why would the value increase faster than BTC or ETH?

A: Demand and user adoption increases value.
That is why bitJob will promote the education needed to implement decentralization and freedom of choice, through the next generation of the labor market — Mainstreaming Blockchain.
The bitJob Impact Value is developing new ways to earn money for the worldwide HR agencies and every student unions out there — by offering them to become bitJob affiliates. Nowadays, all sides are losing.
Combining bitJob business model with Blockchain tech, allows us to break physical barriers, unite students globally and to offer everyone a Win-win scenario. That is the bitJob firm culture.
Securing the student unions (will earn a fee from every student transaction they registered into the marketplace) will help us grow and register new users every day, while the HR agencies (fees from registered jobs) will ensure the flow of online short-term jobs into the marketplace.

Do note that students will never pay any fees using bitJob!

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