STU AirDrop Update

Dear Community,

As you are aware, the topic of token distribution has been actively discussed as of late. In the process of answering these concerns, we have decided to conduct an airdrop of STU, to all crowdsale participants (both pre-sale and general sale).

This token event will be performed in collaboration with TokenMarket, and requires both parties to plan, implement and execute. We will release more concrete details regarding the airdrop in the upcoming weeks. Please allow us time to complete this process, it is a high priority to the team, as per your concerns.

Tentatively, we are looking at a airdrop with the following constraints:

  1. Rewards will only affect those that participated in the token sale, not all current token holders.
  2. Token sale participants should experience a 160 percent increase of STU holdings, per address.

The current roll out for this token event is yet to be determined. Please stay tuned for a specific date, as well as more specific details about the Airdrop.

We would like to thank all our participants in the crowdsale again; you are important to us, and your individual opinions have indeed been heard. The concerns of the community are our concerns as well, and we hope that this action ameliorates confusion regarding token distribution. Regarding the distribution, CoinMarketCap has been contacted to update the discrepancies in our listing. Updated details should be reflected soon upon the site, per diligence by CMC.

More transparent details on the distribution statistics of the project will be released soon.

If you have any questions regarding the Airdrop, feel free to contact us via We are happy to assist!

the bitJob Team