STU Token Distribution Instructions — Post ICO

16 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that our STU tokens have been generated. All Tokens that were purchased during our PreSale and Main crowdsale are now available — And they are Transferable outside the Wallet.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your contributions, support and patience!

If you participated in the regular crowdsale your wallet should already contain the STU tokens Including the 20% bonus you got. You would typically need to add STU as a custom token with your own description for it to be displayed correctly.


After you login to, click Add Custom Token , then fill in the following details:

Address: 0x0371a82e4a9d0a4312f3ee2ac9c6958512891372
Symbol: STU
Decimals: 18


After you login to Ethereum Wallet / Mist, click CONTRACTS, then WATCH TOKEN to open the Add token window. In TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS, enter: 0x0371a82e4a9d0a4312f3ee2ac9c6958512891372.

Then, add/verify the details of the token:

Token name: STU
Token Symbol: STU
Decimal places: 18


In this wallet, the tokens should load automatically. If not, you will need to Contract tab in your Parity wallet to do the following steps. Go to Settings, and tick the box Contracts. After this, you will be able to see Contracts in your Parity UI interface wallet. Then: Click on Contracts, then Watch Contract. In the pop-up window, select Token — A standard ERC20 token. Fill in the following details:

Contract address: 0x0371a82e4a9d0a4312f3ee2ac9c6958512891372
Contract name: STU
Contact ABI: should be filled in automatically.

Presale Tokens

Those who participated in our presale will now be able to claim their tokens with the 40% bonus (1 Ether = 1243 STU). Please follow the instructions below.

Make a transaction from the same account you made the first deposit. Your tokens are transferred to this account instantly.

**** THE Following is only for Presale Contributions****

Amount to send: 0 ETH

Address: 0x5e87EDE65d71218d710c6F94b9bfCD9017FB292A (PRESALE CONTRACT ADDRESS)

Gas Limit: 250000

Data: 0xd1058e59

Note: Please make sure you set the Gas Limit and Data values correctly!

After the Claiming process, If you still can’t see the Tokens, Some Presale contributors should also add the special custom Token to their wallet, as mentioned in the guide above.

Please email if you have any questions.

Bounty Hunt Tokens

We have generated the bounty hunt tokens and they will be distributed according to our records. We will receive the final data shortly from our Bounty Managers and start the distribution accordingly. This process might take up to 2–3 Weeks due to the large amount of participants. We’d like to thank you for the patience and support.

We are working around the clock to support our global community!

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