“Invate Pubstomp 2022 Presented by Bitkub Chain” event has ended with positive feedback from esports fans

The recent event, called “Invate Pubstomp 2022 Presented by Bitkub Chain”, has ended with positive feedback from esports fans. This special event was exclusively organized for Dota2 fans to watch the international Dota2 match at Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre, Siam Paragon, with a total of 1,000 seats. The famous commentators, LightFury and SunWaltz also attended the event to entertain the audiences.

To offer the best blockchain solution experience, Bitkub Chain organized various interesting activities. This allows participants to accomplish the mission from the EarnKUB and Social DAO platforms. After the users participate in the missions from EarnKUB and Social DAO, they will use NFT to vote and redeem for special rewards in more activities from Social DAO’s polls. Examples of rewards are: The INTERNATIONAL 11 PRO JACKET Size XL, The INTERNATIONAL 11 HELLFORGED JERSEY Size XL, CLOCKWERK PLUSH, Talon Jersey 23Savage XL, Talon Jersey 23Savage L, Talon Jersey Q XL, Talon Jersey Q L, Ember Spirit Pillow, Earth Spirit Pillow, LF Hand Insert Pillow, Pillow-Blanket, T Shirt PUBSTOMP Size L, T Shirt PUBSTOMP Size XL, and T Shirt PUBSTOMP Size XXL.

Regarding this event, Bitkub Chain received positive feedback from various fans; about 1,000 fans attended the event. They were also entertained by fantastic commentary and the spectacular performances of various esports teams. The result from this match ended with Liquid 1–2 Secret (Lower Bracket Round) and Tundra esports 3–0 Secret (Final Round).

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