NFT for Beauty Pageant

The beauty pageant business is an area of opportunity for women, as it is held to identify those who are brilliant and emphasizes the necessity of judging and rating participants based on their physical characteristics and personality.

Bitkub Chain and Miss Universe Thailand understand the importance of embracing and supporting women’s roles in society so that they can drive and generate positive change. As a result, by introducing the MUT NFT collection, we have brought NFT solutions to integrate and collaborate with Miss Universe Thailand. Collectors and fans can acquire an appreciation of the significance and story while also becoming closer to the beauty pageant. Furthermore, not only was the MUT NFTs collection minted but the MUT crown item was launched as a special collection item in the Morning Moon Village game. The exclusive NFT collection was introduced and airdropped to the participants of the Miss Universe Thailand 2022 stage in the final round with the 2nd return between Bitkub Chain and Miss Universe Thailand. In addition, participants will be able to create their own NFT using the “Creator Studio” feature.

Platform and NFT Solution for Beauty Pageant

  1. Bitkub NEXT — A digital asset wallet that can be connected to several Bitkub Chain platforms. During the last Miss Universe Thailand 2022 competition, users could use their Bitkub NEXT wallets to scan for an NFT Airdrop at the event booth and truly own their NFTs.
  2. Bitkub NFT — Users can redeem rewards based on the conditions via the Bitkub NFT platform on the Crownex store; the rewards will vary depending on the conditions of that activity, such as sweaters, T-shirts, and tickets to the Miss Universe Thailand 2022 competition. The rewards will be delivered to the address that the users specified. It is possible to say that this NFT solution has the potential to provide a new degree of activity participation experience.
  3. Social DAO — This activity allows users to vote for rewards based on criteria by using the Crownex NFT. If the users with the most votes are appointed, they will be rewarded with Crownex store merchandise. The results of the votes will be stored on the blockchain, which will contribute to making it secure and transparent.
  4. Creator Studio — A platform where users can create and own unique NFTs. This NFT collection will be unique for beauty pageant enthusiasts due to its utilization of blockchain technology.

If you would like to implement NFT Solution for your project, please contact us for more details. Bitkub Chain’s platform and tools are designed to be secure, convenient, and appropriate for users.



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