NFT for Commerce

Bitkub Chain has recognized opportunities for growth in the consumer products market as a result of the economic recovery. We integrate blockchain technology to be a part of marketing tools in the commerce market.

Bitkub NFT has various functions, and we have introduced and improved the redemption feature on the platform by leveraging it into our NFT solution. Users can collect NFTs to complete the conditions for redeeming rewards based on the criteria. We have partnered with various brands such as MAMA to allow customers to use MAMA NFT and redeem for rewards. This collection allows users to collect and redeem special rewards, such as a 50th anniversary Mama bag, a new Mama flavor, and a 50th anniversary Mama set.

Additionally, we have partnered with the Taokaenoi brand to hold a campaign called “NFT: THE PHENOMENON”, in which around 600,000 NFTs will be airdropped on Taokaenoi physical snack packaging. In this campaign, the digital asset will be attached inside physical snack packaging as a redemption code for the customers to redeem and the 3 special collections were designed exclusively, composed of “Journey of Taokaenoi”, “Journey of Bitkub” and “Idol Yin War 9 Collections” for the campaign activities. After the users have collected the NFT collection, they can redeem it for special privileges such as attending the Exclusive Sit in Live Event campaign with Yin-War, the famous actors in Thailand, and joining the business pitching campaign with Itthipat Peeradechapan, Founder and CEO of Taokaenoi Food & Marketing and Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Founder and CEO of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Platform and NFT Solution for Commerce Business

The Bitkub Chain platforms are designed to be secure, and simple to use (user-friendly), and we have developed numerous platforms and NFT solutions to support and apply to consumer products including:

  1. Bitkub NEXT — The users can use Bitkub NEXT to scan and receive an NFT airdrop from QR Code for this campaign. The NFT will be kept in the Bitkub NEXT wallet for further redemption via the Bitkub NFT platform. The users could redeem NFT via the code attached to physical snack packaging. From a commercial standpoint, the NFT collection is similar to a marketing tool that benefits the business. It can enhance the likelihood of repeat purchases and provide a new dimension to the customer experience.
  2. Bitkub NFT — Bitkub NFT is vital for Bitkub Chain, which is designed with a range of services, such as Gashapon and reward redemption, as well as other features that will be offered in the future. After collecting NFT through Bitkub NEXT, users would apply those NFT to redeem special rewards on the Bitkub NFT platform. This is another NFT solution that is another marketing tool for companies and brands that will encourage customers to have additional excitement and participate in activities. NFTs, which function similarly to loyalty points, can be acquired and redeemed for rewards.

If you would like to implement NFT Solution for your project, please contact us for more details. Bitkub Chain’s platform and tools are designed to be secure, convenient, and appropriate for users.



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Bitkub Chain allows everyone to interact with decentralized applications with an affordable transaction fee and high-speed confirmation time.

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