NFT for Event

The event hosted by Bitkub Chain aims to create a new level of experience by integrating blockchain technology into daily life. We integrated the Bitkub NEXT wallet to connect with numerous Bitkub Chain decentralized applications.

Bitkub NEXT, Bitkub NFT, Social DAO, Creator Studio, and EarnKUB were all used and placed into action in various activities. For instance, at Crypto Expo 2022, we initiated EarnKUB, which allows users to complete missions and be rewarded with KUB Coin or NFT based on the activity’s conditions. We also initiated Social DAO for users to vote and participate in the activity. In addition, the users would use Bitkub NEXT to scan the QR Codes to receive numerous NFT airdrops hosted during the event.

  1. QR Code Airdrop — Users could use Bitkub NEXT to scan and receive NFT from various offline events, as well as utilize NFT to redeem special rewards. This function can be used as a marketing tool for businesses and brands. To illustrate, NFT collection will function similarly to collecting points in order to provide customers with new experiences. Because the data is fully stored in the blockchain, users can “virtually own” points (NFT).
  2. NFT Reward Redemption — After collecting all of the NFTs, users can use them to redeem special rewards through Bitkub NFT’s “Reward Redemption” feature. Each store offers varied privileges and rewards based on conditions, such as collecting NFT keys at Crypto Expo 2022 event. The “Reward Redemption” function has the potential to improve the new user experience while also increasing brand engagement.
  3. NFT Voucher (Redemption V.3) — Another reward redemption function on Bitkub NEXT is NFT Voucher (Redemption V.3). The Bitkub Merchandise NFT, for example, can be redeemed for physical rewards on the Bitkub Chain.
  4. Social DAO — Social DAO is a platform where users can participate and vote for reward redemption using NFT collected on offline events. The voting poll winner will receive both physical and digital rewards. During the event, the physical reward can be redeemed from the staff, and the digital reward will be transferred directly to the Bitkub NEXT wallet. This enables users to engage in activities using blockchain technology and NFT.
  5. NFT Leaderboard — The most popular poll, as well as the Social DAO score, are displayed on the NFT Leaderboard. It displays the wallet address and allows the highest-scoring users to redeem rewards.
  6. EarnKUB — The EarnKUB platform allows users to claim rewards in the form of KUB Coin or other special NFTs by completing missions in both the physical and digital worlds, such as attending events or holding NFTs. For instance, at Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022 event, the users must participate in 3 consecutive missions, including 1.) Attending Bitkub Metaverse activity 2.) Joining Bitkub Chain Telegram 3.) Completing Bitkub Chain’s questionnaire. After accomplishing these, they could claim special rewards via the EarnKUB platform.

If you would like to implement NFT Solution for your project, please contact us for more details. Bitkub Chain’s platform and tools are designed to be secure, convenient, and appropriate for users.



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Bitkub Chain allows everyone to interact with decentralized applications with an affordable transaction fee and high-speed confirmation time.

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