Case Study: The Utilization of NFT on the Bitkub Chain to Increase KOI Thé’s Customer Retention Rate


According to Springnews, one of the largest beverage markets is bubble milk tea. It can be said that it is a booming demand, with Thailand currently ranked second among the top five countries in Southeast Asia with the highest growth in the bubble milk tea market, with a yearly turnover of $749 million (26,619,460,000 baht) from more than 31,000 bubble tea shops and other retail channels.

KOI Thé is one of the bubble tea brands with a significant effect on the expansion of the Thai bubble tea market. It is a brand that has emerged and has been a resounding success since the company’s initial launch in Thailand. It gradually expanded nationwide as a result of its success in reaching consumers and staying current with trends.

Recently, KOI Thé organized the NFT(ea) Hunting campaign by integrating blockchain technology and NFT developed on the Bitkub Chain network into a beverage redemption campaign. The NFT is a limited-edition collection of 2,000 designs, classified into Normal Design, Super Rare Design, and Super Special Rare Design.

Bitkub Chain Platform & Function (NFT Solution)

Bitkub NEXT and Bitkub NFT — Participants in the NFT(ea) Hunting campaign are able to utilize the Bitkub NEXT wallet and the KOI Thé Thailand application to redeem drinks and privileges from KOI Thé Thailand. By topping up their KOI Leaf Rewards account and purchasing promotional drinks, users can earn an NFT redemption code. The NFT will be stored in the Bitkub NEXT wallet and can be redeemed for the ultimate prize at the Bitkub NFT platform after accumulating 6 NFT designs.

Business Impact

The NFT(ea) Hunting campaign assists brands in increasing their repeat purchase rate. The brand’s average repeat purchase percentage is 63%. After KOI Thé applied NFT to the campaign, the repurchase increased from 63% to 73% (10% increase).

Because NFT is one of the marketing tools in the form of Loyalty Points, it can increase enjoyment, enthusiasm, and involvement with activities to collect points to redeem more rewards, it is suitable for businesses or customers who seek to increase brand awareness and repeat purchase rates.

The Bitkub team and partners assisted in marketing and advertising the campaign, as well as having a business development team ready to help create new products to remain competitive.

If you would like to implement NFT Solution for your project, please contact us for more details. Bitkub Chain’s platform and tools are designed to be secure, convenient, and appropriate for users.

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