Case Study: Wacoal Maximizes Brand Value by Using NFT on the Bitkub Chain


A brand is a customer’s perception of a product or service that distinguishes it as noteworthy. It provides a sensation and purpose by encouraging consumers to pay for products and services.

The necessity of digital transformation has been recognized by Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited. Thai Wacoal’s first entry into the Web 3.0 world is through the Bitkub Chain as part of the My Turn, Turn On the Confidence by Wacoal project, which aims to encourage women’s leadership through the use of blockchain technology.

For My Turn, Turn On the Confidence by Wacoal project, Thai Wacoal has seen the importance of blockchain technology as well as the potential in women who could be also leaders in technology. Especially for NFT, there are many leading female artists and collectors. Wacoal project would bring more women, who are underrepresented in digital assets, into the world of Web 3.0, and lead to benefits for users, developers, as well as the blockchain industry in Thailand.

Bitkub Chain Platform & Function (NFT Solution)

The project began as an NFT with the idea of a model walk that demonstrates attractiveness and self-confidence on the Bitkub Chain. The My Turn, Turn On the Confidence by Wacoal NFT will be offered for purchase in the second quarter of this year with a limited supply of 10,000 NFTs. Participants could join already-in-progress activities to achieve special NFT Genesis.

NFT Airdrop via Bitkub NEXT — Users can receive genesis NFT airdrops via Bitkub NEXT in the first phase to redeem special rewards such as concert tickets via Discord.

Business Impact

Wacoal’s My Turn, Turn On the Confidence is another NFT use case that adds value to the brand. Since NFT minting is affordable, the brand could raise the selling price of the products.

This NFT Solution is appropriate for brands who desire to launch special products to boost engagement with existing customers, which may cost more than normal special collection releases due to the inclusion of NFT.

The Bitkub team and partners are involved in marketing and public relations campaigns, and there is a team of business developers ready to help innovate in order to maintain ahead of the competition.

If you would like to implement NFT Solution for your project, please contact us for more details. Bitkub Chain’s platform and tools are designed to be secure, convenient, and appropriate for users.

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