Future of companies: Hire everyone, pay the best!

The responsibility of a company is to create a systems that support the company in achieving its purpose and goals. To achieve these goals it’s imported that when execution takes place. The right execution is initiated. But the world is getting more and more complex. The outside world is changing fast and we are constantly confronted with new challenges. This makes that knowledge and skills, will need to evolve as rapidly as the outside world. For that reason, the only method to remain innovative, competitive and cost effective is to be connected to a flexible “on-demand” workforce and be part of that outside world.

In this document more about the importance of an on-demand remote workforce for companies. We propose a system where companies instead of finding new people via job application, will start using a system where the actual work takes place. Without the need to hire these people in the traditional way.


We see that instead of knowing a lot about everything, there is more then ever a urge for people who know a lot about a little. These specialist are mostly not required long term in a company. But are instead a small chain in the complex processes we have to deal with.

Moving high specialized people around in the current economic structure is very hard. If we really want to capitalize on the benefit of specialization in knowledge and skillsets, it’s required to make access to this knowledge and skills extremely flexible.

Solving company challenges

All our work tasks are based on explicit or implicit challenges/questions. During our days we are answering question after question. It is a vital importance that we structure the simple and complex questions so others can collaborate on these topics as efficient a possible. Contribution to complex issues is only possible when their is a clearly defined context. And their is a consensus on the definition of an awesome outcome.

What we find in literature is that multidisciplinary teams are the best method of solving any kind of problem. The diversity in perspectives inspire new ideas. So what happens is that different people give a different context to the problem. These contexts needs to be mapped to a question. This is especially the case for more complex questions. For more complex questions their are multiple ways to solve it. But what is a better, les costly solution. We need much more advanced systems that map the context around an issue. The relationship to other elements that are at work need to be visually mapped.

Hiring threshold

We as companies we are looking for good people everywhere. With a few meetings, we hope we can have a feeling about what the person can contribute to the organization. The average time spend in the processes is around 6 weeks. Although this is the status quo, it’s really strange. In Bilter we propose a system where people can start contributing to micro elements without any hassle barriers of what so ever. Instead of asking to explain the qualifications of a person. It’s much better if people can just start showing what they can do. It’s more organic for both companies as the workers. Companies should reach to the outside world on every topic. The access to skills and knowledge outside the organization will need to get intertwined with the internal. Then when value add is proven the people can start long term commitment or any other form of agreement to start execution.

Job applications > microTasks

Lets do some experiments. Instead of posting a job. Think about that job. What kind of challenges will it solve for your company. Then when you have a clear idea, Instead of posting the job, write multiple micro-tasks. Use these anyone can actually start contributing. These people can come from any direction. As a company you get extreme flexible access to work. And find the people who you should definitely hire.

We are currently validating some of the above on Bilter. We have a Dream of a platform where companies get on-demand access to a crowd consultancy. Where knowledge and skills are traded in such that everyone benefits.

If you want to contribute, joint the community at: https://bitler.co and get invited to our Slack channel