Rewards for knowledge Sharing

If you ever helped someone out in digital goods. You probably got some money for your contribution. Artificial intelligence(AI) can help you earn multiple times in the future, via the knowledge you shared. It required that the knowledge you created stays your property(blockChain). If you are the owner of the content you created, you can earn future income. This is how it work; Bots(AI) can use your data to help out others. Then when the Bots are payed for their contribution, you earn a passive income by the works of these computers.

The basic idea is multiple humans are confronted by the same kind of questions. Bots can indicate that and jump to the rescue. It’s a risk if the bots are owned by a centralized organization. This creates an unfair distribution of wealth. Instead, the collective of people who created the knowledge should be the owner the Bots.

Just some Thoughts. We are working on it at Bitler