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Selection on what criteria?

Connecting people to jobs is an inefficient nightmare. It takes ages writing personalized CV’s for the applicant, and for companies its really hard to make a good selections based on some text about what someone is capable of. You know what you can do, but linking it to a list of skills will be quite a challenge. It’s much easier to show your skill. Together we can disrupt the current system via a crowd consultancy platform. Where we show what we do instead of trying to explain it. This will create a much better match in skills.

Companies should start benefiting from a on demand remote workforce. They do this by communicating their issues to the outside world and engaging people in finding beter answers. This makes the selection for long term commitment much easier.

Crowd consultancy platform: You decide what you want to work on

The concept of working for a single company will move to a more fluid system where you contribute to where you get satisfaction. You should be able to contribute to all open quests of any organization. Their is no limit to where you can contribute. As long as it can be in any digital transferable goods. You decide what you contribute, the community decides the value of what you contributed. Your reward is linked to the contribution you made. This comes down to 3 types reasons why this change is needed.

  1. Love

The driver of any effective output is passion. We want to let people do what they love. Contribute on the topic they are interested in. This instead of a fixed defined role. Where tasks are aligned based on a description instead of interest.

Le savoir, en effet, n’est rien sans l’art de vivre.” — Voltaire

2. Learn

Learn by doing to what is interesting to you. Start investigating a topic you like. Learn from others and just try to contribute to quests. When you prove your skill in that area. You earn SkillBits. A currency linked your capabilities.

In the current systems, opportunity is not universal. Skill development is strongly linked to opportunity at hand. But opportunities are mostly distributed via non transparant networks. If we break this old boys network, we unleash opportunity and divide the ability to develop skills to a wider range of people.

3. Earn

Making money gives you the security that are need to be able to pursue your dreams and be productive. Any contribution made to quests will be rewarded. The size of the reward depends on the quality of the contribution.


A company starts a payed quest. A quest is a question or inquiry for knowledge or any other skill. If you contribute to a quest you will be rewared via Dollar or an alternative currency. This currency we call SkillBits.

Your reward will depend on the value of your contribution. This value is mostly based on the perceived value of the one starting a Quest. But also depend on speed of delivery, quality of delivery and collaborative contributions like sharing a quest to other who might be able to contribute.

Working in such a system can have the following benefits

1 Efficient documentation. Its keeps track on all work, just by doing. No documentation of pitches.

2 Contribute to a network: It’s network of experts helping each other to generate collective value. This value is distributed though a currency system.

3 Get unexpected people to join in. If you decide to open the quest to the world expect input from others. By investing, the incentive is henceforth more attractive to collaborators.

4 Build our skills: Through the means of contribution, you can receive SkillBits that are a representation of your skill level.

5 Receive efficient collaboration tools and methods: Start a video call or chat. We make it structure according to your preferences.

6 You know exactly when you skillset is worthy enough to quit your 9 to 5 job: we provide an average estimate on the skills you have and the once you should develop as there is high demand but low supply. Making work more transparent then ever.

7 Trying other interesting areas becomes super easy. We’ve all had or have dreams, but not all of us have felt like we had a window of opportunity to pursue them. See how your contribution is valued and start developing your skills to make money in these new waters.

More practical blogs on how to make it happen will follow. there are still a of details to workout.

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