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Strategic Partnership: Lunapad partners with Bitliberte

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Lunapad.

Lunapad and Bitliberte will work together to grow FashionFi ecosystem on Web3. Further details will be revealed as we come closer to launch.

About Lunapad:

Luna-Pad is a peer to peer innovative multi-chain launchpad to launch new Crypto and Blockchain projects.

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About Bitliberte:

Bitliberte is a DAO-based ecosystem of exclusive NFTs, fashion products and metaverse assets, with physical outlets allowing users to own and earn from one of its kind FashionFi business ecosystem globally.

Core features:

Metaverse Outlets: One of its kind virtual reality (VR) FashionFi experience on Blockchain

Physical Outlets: By the people, For the people. These outlets will be governed on-chain by the community of like-minded-people.

liberteDAO: Invest, Own, and Earn from this DAO while contributing towards ecological upcycling.

eCommerce on Web3: Shop, Play and Win. A unique dApp commencing the revolution of FashionFi eCommerce on web3.

Exclusive NFTs: Ownership of rare Fashion Designs to earn yield in real-time.

Fractional Ownership: Own a part of business from anywhere in the world to keep earning dividends from IRL products.

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Bitliberte is one of the first company around to globe to launch Crypto-backed fashion products at a mass scale.