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Tiger Ventures partners with Bitliberte to bring fashion world on web3

We are proud to announce our partnership with Tiger Ventures.

Tiger Ventures brings a vast network of KOLs and partners to Bitliberte protocol helping the platform to bridge the gap between the Fashion and Finance world with help of a DAO-based ecosystem of metaverse assets, exclusive NFTs, and fashion wearables.

On the other hand, Tiger Ventures community gets an opportunity to invest in early token sale round of the Bitliberte protocol while having early access to most of the platform utilities.

About Tiger Ventures:

Tiger Ventures is a community-driven crypto venture fund that proposes to offer allocations in projects in the early stages without any staking.

You may be wondering: What makes this community-driven VC more special than others?

So, Tiger Ventures allows allocation as small as $50 and a maximum of $5000 per investor depending on their risk appetite.

They are also securing their community from rug pulls by sending 1% of the fee to a safe wallet, which will be used for partial compensation of the client’s investment in case of rug pull by any project.

Website | Discord

About Bitliberte:

Bitliberte is bridging the gap between Fashion and Finance world with a DAO-based ecosystem of metaverse assets, exclusive NFTs, and fashion wearables.

Main Features:

1. Open-Governance Protocol:

  • Bitliberte has an open governance-based model to incentivise designers by community voting.
  • Region-based ecosystem handled by the DAO participants to run store franchise in a better way.
  • Fair salary structure for participants as well as workforce. Salary is defined as on-chain yield from revenue of the protocol.

2. On-chain incentives:

  • One of its kind on-chain incentive program for each participation ranging from a vast set of events, proposals, and activites.
  • Incentives for referral, engaging as well as cross-selling in the market. Protocol participants have the liberty to earn yield as per their choice.
  • 10x stars for top performers of the month. Each star helps to level up NFTs for extra incentives.

3. Own to Earn:

  • Users can choose to own NFTs to get fractional ownership of physical wearables, products and digital offerings.
  • Owners have multiple streams to earn revenue.
  • Star performers get an option to join exclusive club for linear earning.

4. Rent to Earn:

  • These are exclusive NFTs to offer ownership of physical wearables, products, and digital offerings.
  • Extremely rare set of NFTs will be issued for exclusively designed merch with very limited mint options.
  • The yield gets divided in 60:40 ratio between both parties.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram group | Telegram announcements channel | CoinMarketCap | Coingecko | YouTube



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