ZigZag Updates & Needs your help!

David Carter
May 26, 2018 · 1 min read

So far Lightning Labs has been making big steps towards creating and educating Lightning Network community, and if the hard technical challenges are taken by core developers, the heavy lifting of educating and supporting the general community should actually be taken by the applications themselves.

That is why we have improved our UI [click to see] and added Intercom support, because we feel this helps to support and guide the user when using ZigZag.

Customer Development

Building the exchange which supports Lightning Network we wonder: What exactly is wrong with crypto exchanges today? What do people really care about? What kind of problems do you guys actually have? All these questions can be answered only by YOU.

Your opinion is needed! Please [join our slack] come tell us what you want or [schedule a meeting].


Aside from UI improvements, we worked on stability and also implemented Lightning Network refund, which means that even if something wrong has happened on our side user’s funds will
be returned back to their wallet with lightning speed 👊

If you are wallet creator, don’t hesitate to [try out] our API.

P.S. As a side project which is needed mainly for our own needs we’re working on Hub. Hub is a subsystem of managing, optimisation Lightning Network Node funds + UI, we are hoping to release more details in an article soon.


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