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BitMart Completes the 19th Monthly BMX Burn

Dear BitMart Users,

As stated the “Repurchase Mechanism” in our white paper, BitMart has used 20% of the income earned from trading fees from December 20th, 2019 to January 19th, 2020 to repurchase and burn 3,729,988.158977453 BMX (approx. 79,076 USD). The Repurchase Mechanism will continue until 500 million BMX are burnt, thus reducing the total supply of BMX.

We have completed this round of BMX burn. You can check the burn records via the blockchain browser:

Thank you for your support!

BitMart Team

February 11, 2020




BitMart aims to help traditional businesses realize digital capitalization by providing a one-stop solution (technical, financial & marketing solutions) through an innovative incubator which will further bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of digital currency

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