( Weekly Update (Mar. 16–22, 2019)

Platform Update

• 3/18- Listed Huobi Token (HT) and Aergo (AERGO)

• 3/18- Enabled BTMX 10x margin trading

• 3/19- Enabled HT 10x margin trading

• 3/20 — iOS App Upgrade

- Launched USD(S) market

- Updated data usage reward display

- Optimized user interface for failed login

- Improved table loading process for enhanced user experience

- Fixed bugs related to deposit function and data request

• 3/20 — Android App Upgrade

- Updated data usage reward display

- Optimized user experience for table downloading

- Optimized user interface for failed login

- Fixed app crash caused by failed Internet connection

- Fixed other reported bugs

• 3/22 — Enabled accelerated BTMX release function for private sale participants

• Launched Referral Reward program (3/18–24) with total prize of 300,000 AERGO for AERGO buyers — referrals, top traders by net-buy amount, and AERGO BitTreasure

Upcoming Events

• 3/25 — BOLT Auction: users to bid with BTMX for the eligibility to buy BOLT (5,000 BOLT per bid) at the opening price

• 3/26 — Primary listing of Bolt project (BOLT)

• To optimize user experience of Deposit and Withdrawal function on website

• APP to enhance chart display

• To enable trading of BTMX under Pending status

• 4/3 — Chicago Meetup with CTIA, Ankr and DOS Network projects (More information:

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Thank you for the continued support. Team

Mar 15th, 2019