MVP is LIVE and softcap has been surpassed!

Our MVP is live & softcap has been reached

Try it out now with BTC & LTC!

Benjamin Hardie
Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read

After months of hard work, organising and communication with our MVP developers the Bitmillex team is proud to announce that our MVP is now live and ready for our users to begin participating on the platform!

Future of the MVP

Currently you are able to trade BTC and LTC via our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) exchange with 5–10 more tokens/coins being added over the coming days and weeks. Before we begin to add the features that will make Bitmillex stand out from the crowd we must focus on the stability and security of our platform. This MVP will serve as verifiable proof that we have begun development of the Bitmillex Exchange as well as a prototype for our users so they may get and idea of the look and feel of the Bitmillex Exchange and offer suggestions for anything that can be improved or worked upon.

So when you’re ready head over to The MVP and give it a try! Anyone currently signed up please note that you will need to sign up a new account to use the exchange as you will not be able to use the login details that you currently use for the website. You can still use the same email address that was used for the airdrop/whitelist/signup.

Soft Cap has been reached

As we near the end of Stage 1 of our ICO we wish to inform our contributors and users that we have successfully made it over the Soft Cap of $1.5m USD. We wish to thank everyone who has participated in the Airdrop, ICO and Bounty campaign for helping us reach this goal. Surpassing our soft cap is a good sign for the future of not only our ICO but the Bitmillex project as a whole.

Stage 1 Ending

The end of Stage 1 of our ICO is closing in on the 29th of July, making these next few days one of the very last chances to pick up some BTML tokens at a 30% discount. Stage 2 of our ICO will open immediately after Stage 1 has ended with each BTML token being sold for $0.40 USD.


The Bitmillex Team


The Most Complete and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World

Benjamin Hardie

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The Most Complete and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World

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