Upcoming MVP & Pre-ICO Updates

Our MVP will be going live earlier than scheduled!

Benjamin Hardie
Jun 4, 2018 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce that our MVP will be going live earlier than scheduled, Our development team has stated that a preview version will be up and running in a little over three weeks from today. This will be closely followed up with the launch of the full version of our MT4/MT5 multi-terminals.

Pre-ICO Updates

Due to various demands and the need to meet our token sale tagrget as of today our Pre-ICO will be open for 7 more days, with the new ending date on the 11th of June. This decision has been made to give more people an opportunity to participate in the ICO at it’s current stage. Participating in our ICO right now will allow you to get in at the price of $0.25 USD per BTML with our crowdsale token price gradually increasing and ending at $0.50 USD.

There have also been various emails from our participants requesting a reduction for the minimum Pre-ICO entry quantity and in response to give everyone an equal opportunity at participation we have reduced our entry point from 1000 BTML to a mere 150 BTML.

As a reminder our BTML tokens will give holders exclusive rights to most of our features and the 50% annual profit share.

Upcoming Deals

Another reason as to the extension of the Pre-ICO end date is to get a number of deals off the line beginning with Alttex Decentralized, which saw them investing $250,000 into Bitmillex. This deal will see both projects collaborate on a number of mutually beneficial fronts.


The Bitmillex Team


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Benjamin Hardie

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The Most Complete and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World

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