5 point to make AppStore and PlayStore deployment a breeze

1. Beta test to make the app production ready

Prepare a production ready app. There may not be issues in your dev environment but there may be some in production environment. Beta testing is very very important to find out problems that your users may face. The number one reason of app rejection is crashes and bugs for both stores, so test the beta app. Next is to optimise by preparing the app only for the targeted device. An application contains different resolution of images but a device need just one resolution so, implement app thinning and trim down the size of the apps.

2. Make beautiful Mockup and Videos

You get a chance to explain your app when user visits your app in AppStore/PlayStore. Mockup has to be descriptive with less text and more image and video. Record a demo video of how your app works. Keep these image mockups and demo video with required formats ready.

3. Prepare a document with description of your product

App is the product of your company so generally stores ask all the details about your company like privacy policy, what your company do etc.. App title and complete description of what this app is all about. If you accept in-app payment then that needs to be mentioned. When we submit our app to stores they play around with our app, so they need a demo credential with which they may log in to the app. This has to be dummy credential so that you don’t get charged with real money 😃 if your account have any.

4. Create Apple/Google developer account for mobile app

If you don’t already have a developer account of respective platforms while developing app, then you must get one now in order to publish. Apple charges $99/year and Google charges $25 one time fee to create a developer account. These rates may change over time.

5. Review the guidelines one more time

Every platform have their own guidelines and their own restrictions. App with advertisement gets rejected in AppStore if not declared that app is using Advertising Identifier to serve adverts. Gambling and pornography content can get the app rejected right away by both AppStore/PlayStore. Here are the top reasons app gets rejected:

a.Crashes and Bugs

b. Placeholder Content

c. Poor app description or missing information

d. Advertisements

e. Hate speech or violence

f. Gambling and pornography content

You are all set now prepare well and rock the stores 👍 👌