Kubeapps and Kubeless go v1.0.0 for #kubecon

Here I am in beautiful Copenhagen just reading a tweet that said 4,200 people were attending #kubecon this week. That’s a crazy number. I remember vividly the first one in SF in 2015 when < 10 people raised their hands when asked who ran kubernetes.

I will be at the Bitnami booth and walking the hallway of course, speaking on Friday about securing functions in kubeless. But here is the gist of it for us this week:

We just released Kubeapps and Kubeless v1.0.0 , two coordinated releases that mark 4 months of hardwork since the last kubecon in Austin.

Kubeapps: (https://kubeapps.com/) is a package agnostic management platform for kubernetes. Originated in pure Helm land, it now supports functions and service broker integration. Also super exciting in this new release is Kubernetes native authn/authz. Enjoy this bullet list to cut to the chase:

  • Added Authentication/authorization using Kubernetes service accounts
  • Added support for functions via kubeless
  • Added support for open service brokers with the Azure team
  • Changed the look of the UI
  • Added support for Helm upgrade so that you can operate the app
  • Added support for JFrog Artifactory for our enterprise users

To get a quick feel for it, the best is to watch the short video:

For kubeless, our serverless solution, we reached some significant milestones:

  • We completed a major refactor of the runtime and triggers, which are now totally decoupled, it is a major breakthrough :) ask me about it !
  • We added support for Golang functions
  • We added support for Nats.io events
  • We added preliminary support for CloudEvents, SAP will be demoing it with us
  • We added an internal build system to cache runtime images with function dependencies (using skopeo)

Check out the following blogs to get more technical details:

And stop by our booth to see demos with JFrog, Sysdig and SAP. Check out the schedule here.

I hope you are as excited as I am about #Kubecon, seeing old friends, meeting new ones and checking out what everyone is doing. And check out these new feature packed releases and let me know what you think @sebgoa.

If you can’t make it to KubeCon? Register for the Bitnami KubeCon re-cap webinar where we will go in-depth about all of the updates that we demoed at the show!
with this link? https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5JgvCbKJS0-m58FwQ9pYiw