Learn all about the Kubernetes SIG Apps community at KubeCon NA 2018

I am Adnan Abdulhussein, a co-chair of Kubernetes SIG Apps (along with the brilliant Matt Farina and Kenneth Owens), and I’m going to explain a little bit about how you can get involved in the Kubernetes community. If you’re interested in learning more, I’d love to meet you in-person at KubeCon!

Special Interest Groups in Kubernetes provide places for the community to focus development and discussion on a particular part of the project. SIG Apps is one of several such groups, which is focused on deploying and operating applications in Kubernetes. The group is typically made up of cluster operators, application operators and application developers. Current projects under the Apps umbrella include:

  • Workloads API (Deployments, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, Batch Jobs)
  • Application CRD and controller (Application metadata descriptor CRD)
  • Kompose (A conversion tool to go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes)
  • Examples repo (Examples of how to run real applications with Kubernetes)

Helm, Charts and related tooling are also a regular topic of discussion at SIG Apps. Helm recently moved out from Kubernetes to the CNCF, but remains very relevant to the SIG Apps audience.

SIG Apps meets weekly on Mondays at 9am PST, hosted by one of the chairs of the SIG. Our meetings usually start with an introduction and any announcements, followed by demos of projects in the Apps ecosystem. Discussion is then rotated between the Workloads API and Developer Tooling, with some room for Open Discussion towards the end of the meeting.

At KubeCon North America 2018, I will be giving an introduction to SIG Apps, where you can learn more about the scope of the SIG and these projects, and how you can get involved. There will also be a deep-dive session for new and existing members of the SIG to meet and greet in person, hold discussions and get answers to questions.

Related to the Apps ecosystem, I will also be giving a demo of Telepresence, a tool that enables rapid development environments on top of Kubernetes. In that session, I will show how we are using Telepresence to develop Kubeapps, the Application Dashboard for Kubernetes.

Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute to SIG Apps, and you can get involved through our weekly meetings, Slack and mailing list. If you are planning on attending KubeCon North America 2018, be sure to checkout the sessions mentioned and meet the community - I look forward to meeting you there!