BitNautic Wallet is on the way

A great project needs a great gateway for all of its users. For this reason we’ll be releasing a dedicated wallet for platform users, which will support BTNT payments and much more.

The BitNautic Ecosystem keeps growing — Today we are announcing the BitNautic Wallet, the latest addition to the BitNautic Platform.

The wallet will become the favourite companion of every BitNautic User: it will allow them to instantly buy and sell BTNT (now tradable on CoinBene, Bitinka and IDEX), necessary for many of the platform features, and execute transactions with BTNT and other major cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin and Ether.

But it doesn’t stop here. Among the amazing features of the wallet there will be a comprehensive Digital Identity Management System, which will allow users to keep a verified digital identity profile, safely stored on the blockchain and protected by multiple layers of encryption. Through their Digital ID, much more powerful, detailed and secure than a common private key, customers will be able to sign certificates, contracts, bills of lading and much more.

This brings us to the second main feature of the wallet: the Document Management System. This incredible feature allows Shippers and Carriers to manage all logistics-related documents directly on the blockchain, where they’ll be invulnerable to hacks and tampering; it will be possible to sign, modify and share documents with other industry players, including, but not limited to, Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit and Export Licenses.

The BitNautic Wallet will be available in iOS, Android and web version before the end of 2018. Stay Tuned!

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