Lately on UX Design & Design Thinking #WR03

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Of course many things happened and published this week from other fields of interest*, butI found myself reading a lot about User Experience Design and Design Thinking.

Design Thinking

I know what most of you will ask when you read this, so I’ll start with the latter and a link that will help you.

What the #@&$ is Design Thinking? Breaking down the buzzword.

And, now let’s get a bit more serious. Meet Andy Budd and learn more on the topic from this mastermind.

What the hell is design thinking anyway? Andy Budd shares his thoughts on the topic; “design thinking is essentially a combination of three things; abductive reasoning; concept modelling; and the use of common design tools to solve uncommon problems”.

If you read or you’re done with it, have a look on (some of) Laura Martini’s articles, because she has a whole series on the topic.

It’s not about users, it’s about you. “All this talk about users has left out one very important person in the design process: you. At the end of the day, your work is about you”.

Design thinking is broken. The Design Thinking Process is sold as a one-size-fits-all solution. In actuality, it’s a tool for teaching problem solving that’s effective in educational settings and consultancies.

And since we speak of “broken” stuff…

Digital Design Education is Broken. “I want my tax funded education system to produce well rounded members of society; individuals who are interested in following their passions and who have been taught the tools to learn and think”.

Trying to bridge the two topics I’m sharing things on today, here is a great article from Linnéa Strid.

Product Design & The Asshole Contingency. Why not all users are your friend and you need to deal with it.

“The user”, we proclaim, “is the key…to everything”.

User Experience

Not much to say here. Actually, there is a lot but I’ll these three awesome people to speak and they’re worth of your attention.

In search of the ultimate user experience. Are you ready for the next evolution of UX: the human experience?

5 Practical Tips to Humanize User Experience. A web site with great user experience is like a brick and mortar store with excellent customer service.

Understanding typography and UX design. Making the right typography choices can give your app a feel of accuracy, crispness, and polish.

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