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Image from Spike Jonze’s film,“Her” (2013).

Handpicked links to the best things I see, read and learn each week.


Security was a big topic this week with Apple starting its product presentation with Tim Cook refering to the #AppleVsFBI case. During that same presentation they launched CareKit and Big Data in on the table once again.

Apple, the FBI, and the Internet of Things Your whole house is open to attack.

How secure is our mHealth data? Some thoughts on security and Apple’s CareKit, a platform that will help individuals track their healthcare, launching this week.


With the Quest for the next big modality in computing has started and the Battle of Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo was a major topic lately, how can we not start thinking of what’s the Future of Homo Sapiens?

The Next Big Tech Revolution Will Be In Your Ear Experts in UX, AI, and product design weigh in on the next big modality in computing.

At least soon, we’ll be able to think of it on our commute…

Vision How You’ll Drive in the Future Forget flying cars: Four other technologies of today could soon come together to change everything.

…hoping that a car will not hit us and end up behind bars.

Google’s driverless cars will be legally treated like human drivers. Autonomous cars will be considered human, for legal purposes.


There are more than enough articles written every day on this new tech, but if you only have time for two, let them be the following.

Cast AR This augmented reality headset is a board game lover’s dream come true.

Pornhub Just Launched a Free VR Channel and It Is Wild

Well… Teens + Chat + AI + VR + Porn. What could go wrong, right?


There are hundreds of design related articles out there every week, and I’ll try to keep to three each time.

Geoff Teehan (Interview) Why one of the minds behind Medium + Facebook shut down his successful agency.

A must read by Yaron Schoen: In Defense of Homogeneous Design “Digital product design isn’t abstract visual expression. It’s a conversation framework between a human and a computer.”

A very good approach on a favourite topic of mine, by Nick Babich: 5 Essential UX Rules for Dialog Design Dialogs are effective user interface element when you design and use them right.

And one more thing…

One link to rule them all

Printed by Somerset The most beautiful ‘printed’ website I’ve seen lately.

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