BitPay — Secure Bitcoin Wallet — v1.2.0

Spend and receive bitcoin like a pro

We’ve added several new features and user experience improvements to the BitPay app in this release:

  • Send all available wallet funds in one transaction
  • Generate a QR code to receive a specific bitcoin amount
  • View all of your wallet addresses and balances on one screen in the Receive view.
  • New flow for buying and selling bitcoin via
  • New flow to buy Amazon Gift Cards
  • Calculate selected fee level when sweeping a paper wallet
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Send all available funds

Need to send all of your funds to another wallet address you control? The send-all feature scrapes all spendable inputs into a transaction which you can review and approve.

Request a specific bitcoin amount

If you need to receive a specific bitcoin amount, there’s a new option on the Receive tab to generate a QR code with a pre-set amount. Create a QR code and let others simply scan to pay.

View all wallet addresses from the Receive tab.

Audit transactions and balances held at each of your past BitPay wallet bitcoin addresses. You’ll find a full listing of all the addresses in each wallet, the addresses with balances, and functionality to generate multiple new addresses at the same time.

New buying flow for gift cards

Just in time for your last-minute Christmas gifts, we’ve added a newly-designed flow for buying gift cards directly from your bitcoin wallet. Buying an gift card with bitcoin has never been easier. And since we’ve increased the daily buy limit from $500 to $1000, you can now trade your bitcoin for even more gift card value.

New bitcoin buying and selling flow

We’ve added a newly designed flow for buying or selling bitcoin to and from your wallet addresses via our partner exchange Glidera. Did we mention Glidera is now available in all 50 US states and all 10 Canadian provinces?

Calculate selected fee level when sweeping a paper wallet

Sweeping a paper wallet to an online one? You’ll still have to pay the bitcoin mining fee for the transaction. With this new feature, you can calculate the selected fee level before you sweep.

We hope you enjoy this new release of the BitPay app. Let us know what you think! You can leave feedback directly in the app. Your participation is already making BitPay a better app for storing and spending bitcoin securely.

Ready to get started? Download BitPay v1.2.0 for all platforms.