Bitcoin Payments Leader BitPay Announces “Bitcoin Holidays” for Routine Blockchain Maintenance

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In recent months, Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies have apparently experienced a tremendous surge of growth in interest, usage, and transactions.

But according to some of the leading companies the space, increased interest in new blockchain technology is requiring engineers at companies throughout the Bitcoin ecosystem to work around the clock to ensure proper blockchain maintenance.

“Our engineers are working around the clock to ensure proper blockchain maintenance,” said one BitPay representative.

To meet this growing demand, today leading bitcoin payment technology provider BitPay is announcing what it is calling “a new, innovative solution to blockchain demand.”

Effective immediately, BitPay plans to observe the following days as “Bitcoin Holidays” for dedicated blockchain maintenance work.

  • January 2nd
  • April 1st
  • April 5th
  • October 31st

When we reached out to BitPay for comment, we received the following statement from a company representative:

“While it’s great that we’re working with a robust, globally distributed, non-centralized payment network that never experiences downtime, we think this is an important time for BitPay to take a page from the playbook of the historical financial system: banking holidays.
We hope our fellow companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem will join us in adopting ‘Bitcoin Holidays’ and taking this responsible corporate stance toward vacation ti — erm, blockchain maintenance.”

At press time, the company representative was boarding a plane for Cancun, Mexico with other BitPay employees, presumably to begin BitPay’s first scheduled April 1st blockchain maintenance session.

When we asked for a media kit related to today’s announcement and BitPay’s plans for its dedicated blockchain maintenance team, we received the following photo from a suntanned BitPay marketing intern holding one of those large margaritas with an umbrella in it:

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