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“ALL IN EOS We are serious” — Bitpie Dialogue EOSBIXIN Founder, Guang Geng

(This article is Dialogue two of Bitpie Dialogue Series)

GuangGeng, Founder of EOSBIXIN BP, early evangelist and entrepreneur of Bitcoin, well-known blogger, Bi Xin co-founder.

As the world’s leading secure multi-chain wallet, Bitpie Wallet is the earliest supporter and participant of EOS Ecology. It is also the only wallet in the world that has experienced the complete Bull and Bear cycle. In the past 5 years, the product developed by Bitcoin Wallet team has never happen any security incident, hundreds of billions digital assets are safely kept for millions of users around the world.

In order to be better in the ecological construction of the EOS community, the Bitpie Wallet has recently conducted in-depth exchanges with different leaders of the EOS community on recent hotspots and various upcoming ecological cooperation, and we will organize some of the content from the exchange into text, which is to help the community and the majority of EOS friends to have a better understanding of the EOS ecology.

Question 1

Bitpie Wallet: Your “Super Bitcoin” Weibo is one of the most influential Weibo in the China blockchain field, and you are always known as the original evangelist and entrepreneur of Bitcoin. What kind of experience have you been through to gain loyal supporters and participants of the EOS ecosystem?

Guang Geng: In fact, it is a natural transition. In August 2017, I had a late thinking about blockchain — in addition to the digital currency and protecting private assets, can the blockchain go further and let more people know? Can it be applied to the commercial field and reform the value transfer in commercial field? While I ask myself, I read the list of the top 50 blockchain projects again seriously. I believed that EOS is most likely to carry this vision, that is to create a high-performance blockchain base layer to meet the prosperity of the DAPP era.

Question 2

Bitpie Wallet: Why are you so optimistic about EOS but not any other public chain?

Guang Geng: Very simple, the team relied on BM and successfully create 2 blockchain projects. The commercial blockchain operating system has a clear goal.

Question 3

Bitpie Wallet: Why is EOSBIXIN’s base located in Thailand? How is the local situation?

Guang Geng: With the opening and formalization of blockchain industry in Thailand, blockchain want to let more Southeast Asians to know and invest. EOS has many supporters in Bangkok, we participated and co-organized 2 EOS meetups, there were around 100 participants, there are BPs, investors, DAPP developers.

At the same time, it is said that Bangkok is a paradise for freelancers, with the world’s most intensive app individual developers, large organizations have gone there to engage in incubators. One of the reasons we chose Bangkok is to promote the evolution of these app individual developers from app to DAPP. Another reason is that we also want to develop EOS in Southeast Asia. We will do local market education, talent training, talent mining and so on.

Question 4

Bitpie Wallet: Will the Block Producers form into a big alliance in the future? Comparing to the powerful alliance in the POW network, which is more dangerous?

Guang Geng: In fact, as far as I know, my friends who run for Block Producers (including us) even don’t have more than 2 million eos in their hands, and now each BP’s votes are 10 million. Where do these votes come from? Everyone is replying on the community to work and contribute, whether it is marketing education, governance promotion or the development of the main network, BPs truly gain the recognition of the community, and the community vote. I believe some votes can be voted directly between BPs, but it is unlikely to form an alliance, because these votes do not have much effect on the whole situation.

About the problems of large mining machine operators, I don’t want to discuss whether it’s dangerous or not, it is formed in a complete fair market competition, it is understandable. But as an investor, I have to think about whether to continue the POW or try DPOS. No matter central or decentralized thinking, or thinking about future needs, does the blockchain need to improve productivity? My answer is to promote DPOS. In fact, after the 2017 new blockchain project, there are fewer pure POW projects. Most of them have chosen DPOS, not only EOS, but also ADA, ELF, HPB etc. The market is smart and makes choices naturally.

Question 5

Bitpie Wallet: What is the future medium-to-long-term plan of EOSBIXIN, and what will you focus on?

Guang Geng: The BP is always the first demand, the workload to maintain a BP is much heavier than the work of the Bitcoin mining. The daily work is still very full.

First, there is a regular BP meeting every week, we are the more active BP in the regular meeting, we raise our own views and solutions to the current situation and improvement actively. We have won many recognitions from other excellent abroad BPs.

Second, as the current situation where governance is not so clear, we have arranged special personnel to study and participate in governance, hoping to promote the exploration and regulation of governance. I personally do not agree the participation of the BPs in governance. However, if the BPs do not take the initiative to participate, meanwhile the other governance forces have not yet formed, this will cause more confusion. After the community government forces come up, we as BPs will quit the work of governance.

Third, DAPP’s incubation, we are setting up a fund for discovering and incubate EOS eco-quality projects. This is serious. In addition to funds, we are also providing technical support to various DAPP wallet payment links , we have already worked with several DAPPs.

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