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Announcement on Bitpie’s ETH 2.0 pledges address disclosed

In order to increase the transparency of the ETH 2.0 pledges service on Bitpie, the Bitpie ETH 2.0 pledge address and other information are now disclosed.

Bitpie ETH 2.0 pledges address: 0xa8582b5a0f615bc21d7780618557042be60b32ed

Number of Bitpie ETH 2.0 nodes: 900

Bitpie ETH 2.0 pledges amount: 28,800 ETH

Relevant assets are pledged in the ETH official contract, and all users can view the relevant records of Bitpie ETH 2.0 pledges service.

The above link can also be viewed on the Bitpie ETH 2.0 page.

Bitpie Wallet is a decentralized wallet. The private key/mnemonic of the wallet is kept by the user and only the user has the sole control over their own assets, and Bitpie cannot freeze any user assets. or control.

Bitpie Team

29 November 2022



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