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Announcement on Nervos CKB Cross-chain Development Program by Bitpie Wallet

Dear all Bitpiers and Nervos CKB hodlers:

Bitpie wallet, as the world’s leading multi-chain wallet, has integrated and supported many different blockchain and actively contributes to these blockchain ecosystems. In the process of participating in building the blockchain ecosystem, we observed that the diversity of assets is crucial to the development of the blockchain ecosystem, and the prosperity of the blockchain ecosystem will also bring more wallet using scenarios for users.

As a global strategic partner of the Nervos Network, Bitpie hopes to actively participate in the construction of the Nervos ecosystem. Bitpie is a globally leading wallet in terms of the stablecoin storage. Given that, we plan to provide a 1: 1 cross-chain transfer service of stablecoin assets like USDT on Ethereum to stablecoin assets on Nervos CKB.

This service aims to enrich the diversity of assets on Nervos ecosystem, meanwhile, help bring more the stablecoin holders on board and experience the NervosCKB ecosystem. It will be a multi-win model.

Program in Detail:

1. Supports mapping of ERC20 stablecoins like USDT on Ethereum to Nervos CKB at any time in Bitpie Wallet APP;

2. Supports withdrawing the original assets on Ethereum from the mapped assets back to Nervos CKB network at 1: 1 ratio any time (A small fee will occur while transferring cross-chain assets to the original chain assets) in Bitpie Wallet APP;

3. The above-mentioned mapping assets can be transferred for free of transaction fees (miner fees) in Bitpie Wallet. The required network transaction fees will be paid on-chain by Bitpie, so that users can more conveniently use the mapped assets for payments on Nervos CKB network (This function only supports users who use Bitpie wallets for on-chain operations. The upper limit of on-chain payment subsidies is tentatively set at 1 million transactions per day.);

4. Provide certificates of locked and mapped assets on Ethereum and Nervos CKB in time, and make the asset address transparent;

5. Provide other services related to assets based on actual needs.

Planned development progress:

(1) Cross-chain asset transfer function completed in the Q2 of 2020

(2) Asset audit and transparent addresses announced in the Q3 of 2020

The corresponding development work has already STARTED!

Bitpie reserves the right to change the project operation plan in the future. If any operation plan changes are involved in the future, we will inform the community and users in advance and ensure the security of cross-chain assets.

Thank you for your support!

Bitpie Team

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