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Bitpie wallet supports the Arbitrum mainnet

Arbitrum is a popular Layer 2 solution, an Ethereum on-chain contract management protocol built by the Offchain Labs team, which aims for safe and convenient Ethereum expansion. The developers use Solidity to write a set of DApp contracts, and then compile these contracts into executable code that can run on the Arbitrum Virtual Machine.

  1. How to use the Arbitrum network on Bitpie wallet?

Under the ETH system, click on the custom RPC at the top to switch the network

Choose Arbitrum One network here

Go back to the wallet homepage and find that it has switched to the Arbitrum network.

2. How to use Bitpie to participate in the DeFi project on Arbitrum network?

1. Enter the DeFi URL on discovery page.

2. Click Go, and then select the custom RPC method to connect, so that you can participate in the DeFi project on Arbitrum.



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