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Unboxing BITHD Watch 1

BitHD is an open-source( and watch-style crypto-currency hardware wallet, which has been launched by the Bitpie Wallet Team after a year of research and development. Another of the Team’s product, Bither Wallet, is the only wallet in China recommended by Bitcoin’s official website: In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of users have safely kept hundreds of thousands of bitcoins assets without going through any security incident.

The main function of the BitHD( is to cooperate with Bitpie Wallet on user’s phone to store digital currency in professional and reliable hardware devices, to operate on important actions (transaction signature, etc.) through the Bluetooth security protocol and the self-developed secure transmission program. The device works in an offline environment, effectively protecting the security of the user’s assets. At the moment, it supports bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTH), Dash (DASH) and other mainstream digital currencies, also supports cold storage for Ethereum assets. Aside from all of these, the number of different currencies supporting are growing.

Now Let’s take a look at BitHD!

BitHD are packaged in elegant gift boxes, with vacuum packing and authenticity code.

The inner packaging has a suspended design and it works as a shockproof case.

We show in the image below all the accessories it brings. Starting from left to right in the upper row, we have the charging support, the watch dial and the strap; in the lower row, we have the instruction manual, the mnemonic recording card (seed phrase card) and the protective bag.

The charging support is composed by the cable, which has double output: one for side for USB and the other one for Micro USB. You need to provide your own charger, you can use a common mobile phone (Android) charger.

As shown below, I´m using an Android phone charger.

The top of the dial is made of alloy material, the bottom is made of plastic cement. All in all, the result after the matte finish makes the watch has good texture and persistence.

Watch Dial dimensions:

The strap is made of silicone and it also has a matte texture.

The strap is also easy to assemble, it can be adjusted by moving sideways the bottom latch.

Fully sealed design with a certain waterproof function.

Whole watch dimension:

It has a stylish and beautiful design with its medium size and neutral style. Suitable for all people.

BitHD is very easy to use. The first thing you have to do is to download and install Bitpie Wallet in your phone at the Official Website:

Activate Bluetooth mode on your phone and connect it to BitHD device, BitHD will display a random verification code, enter this code on your phone to complete the connection.

Open Bitpie App and switch wallet to BitHD.

Set PIN code (security code), as shown in the image, the numbers must be entered in the corresponding order that shows in the Watch.

Verify the security code, the security code is on the tag of the package.

Name the device.

After that, take out your seed card and start copying your 12 seed phrases. Make sure you save this words properly. If the device got lost, you can use them to restore the wallet (your assets).

At this point, the wallet is completely switched to BitHD, and now you can use its secure hardware cold storage function.

Click on the receive, generate a Bitcoin address, and transfer your assets to this address.

The phone and the BITHD steps are synchronized and it will display the receiving asset information in both sides.

Click on Send and enter the receiving address and the amount.

According to the instructions, press on the lower button in order to sign the transaction.

The sending operation has been completed.

The BITHD can be used as a daily watch, it displays the time and the date. It also has durable battery (it consumes less than 10% after half a day of use).

Brief summing-up:

1. BitHD is an excellent workmanship Digital Cryptocurrency Hardware wallet with a fashionable and convenient watch design.

2. Professional team design and maintenance, high offline security, users have absolute control over the stored digital assets.

3. Easy to use, support most mainstream digital cryptocurrencies.

4. Users must storage their PIN Code and 12 seed phrases in a safe place. If the device got lost, they can be used to restore the wallet.

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