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“Bitpie in China” Kunming, Chengdu and Chongqing Successfully Ended

In the afternoon of 11th June, “Bitpie Ensures Safety towards the Future” Kunming activity that organized by Pie wallet successfully held. And in 13th and 14th, the “Bitpie Ensures Safety towards the Future” activity that organized by Pie wallet successfully held in Chongqing and Chengdu. Thank you for your support and participation. The activity will soon go to Taiyuan (20th June), Xi’an (22th June) and Qingdao (24th June), the online application entry is in the “China tour of Pie” below the official accounts, we welcome your participation.

“China tour of Pie” activity
We start the “Bitpie Ensures Safety towards the Future” off-line exchange activity with a sharing and cooperative attitude. We try to demonstrate the world of blockchain simply. No matter who you are, an expert or enthusiast of blockchain or a “fresh hand”, we all welcome your participation. Let us learn the world-changing thing — blockchain.

Pie fans in Kunming came very early, Antony (Wang Haizhou) answered many questions of users, one of the users is a very old friend of us, he was still using our old version app. We felt delighted for the support of our old users, and also realized that we didn’t communicate on time with the users which resulted in key information cannot be purchased by users in the first place and affected the experience of users to the new functions. We will do better in the future and work harder to bring better user experience.

Miao was answering questions of users

Speeches in Kunming

First is a speech from the operating director Guo Xiao (Guozi) and the business manager Wang Haizhou (Antony)) about the security and convenience of Pie wallet. Guozi pointed out that the core function of the wallet is to help to keep and use assets securely for it users. Pie wallet is a new blockchain asset wallet that has been developed by Bither team, Bither is the only domestic wallet recommended by official website. Both Bither and Bitpie have a safekeeping of hundreds of billions of assets for users, and there is no technical error causes token loses, Bitpie is leading in security protection. Antony said that under the premise of ensuring security, we need to adopt ourselves to the times and to reform the wallet. We need to attach great importance to the security issues, and also try to provide more functions and services for users in the secure environment of the wallet. Then he illustrated the strong application service and eco-environment that integrated in Pie wallet, now the wallet and the scenes that integrated in the wallet changes more and more frequent, Pie wallet provides many convenient transaction functions and financing services and will keep enriching our product line.
Pie wallet is a new blockchain asset wallet that has been developed by Bither team, Bither is the only domestic wallet recommended by official website. Both Bither and Bitpie have a safekeeping of hundreds of billions of assets for users, and there is no technical error that causes token loses, Bitpie is leading in sacurity protection.

A old man’s insistence, keep doing the own brand for Yunnan people — CyBTC

The founder of cybtc Lv Lei shared his stories of the development of cybtc. The was established in June 2013, it is the first professional media for Bitcoin mining machine and also a friendly community for blockchain fans, the content is original, on time and objective. Set the mining times of Bitcoin as the subject, Mr. Lv reviewed the history of Bitcoin from the frontier times till now combined with personal experience. Mr. Lv sent three the most original mining machine of Bitcoin on the scene, which helped the users to know the mining process better, and he also made a very professional analysis and sharing about ASIC resistance.

Users present asked many great questions, like this user’s, he asked why the instant trade price is a bit higher than the market price. Pie wallet answered that though the buying price is sometimes higher, the selling price is also higher than the general market price. Then, as a very convenient entrance, Pie wallet already avoided some exchange turbulence and time costs which reduces a large turbulence risk. In the last place, the instant trade of Pie wallet is under strict calculation and identification of the trader from the third party, so it enjoys larger advantages compared with another platform in asset safety.

This user asked a sharper question: What if the Bitpie company disappeared or closed down? Pie wallet answered that the Bitpie wallet is a decentralized wallet, the seed phrase is owned by users. Even though Pie wallet can not be used in some contingency situation, users can still recover their assets in wallets that support the same agreement, the assets are always controlled by users, Pie wallet will never make a backup of any information that related to the seed phrase or private key of users.

When the activity ended, everyone is reluctant to leave, they were still talking with the staff. Both the users and the pie team were very happy about this meeting and hope there will be more activities like this. At the same time, the local pie users set up own group to meet and talk together. Thank you, lovely Pie fans in Kunming, couldn’t wait to see you again.

In 13th and 14th, the “Bitpie Ensures Safety towards the Future” activity that organized by Pie wallet successfully held in Chongqing and Chengdu.

The meeting place in Chongqing is Yinkongjian Café House, great place to watch World Cup.

And the meet-up in Chengdu is in Urwork, elegant and fashion.

Here comes the World Cup, here comes Pie wallet~

Bitpie Ensures Safety towards the Future. No matter now or in the future, Pie wallet will always focus on security.

Delicate gifts for Pie fans

Speeches in Chongqing

The operating director of Pie wallet — Guo Xiao (Guozi) shared on how to safeguard users’ own assets, now there are lots of phishing scam on the internet, Guozi told the users never save or send seed phrase through the internet, the seed phrase must be written in papers and put the paper in a safe place. There are no free lunch in the world (if someone wants to steal your seed phrase or private key with the bait of free “give away,” do not believe him!) Users should choose safe and professional wallet to keep and use their seed phrase. Guozi also asked a question about “Does your digital assets really belong to you”. Some users indeed don’t know that they can really control their digital assets only by having the private key by themselves. The essence of the wallet is a tool of managing public and private key, when we talk about a safe wallet, it means that the wallet needs to generate random private key and the private key cannot be faked. In this issue, Bitpie has enough technical reserve to ensure the asset safety of its users.

Next is the founder of Hello EOS — Zicen, his speech is about “Why EOS Why us”, he pointed out that EOS itself is riskless, the biggest risk is that users may think it is risky. The access of EOS to the exchange is not good news for EOS but good news for the exchange, he also said that he doesn’t think ETH will be a rival for EOS, because EOS doesn’t think to surpass ETH is a goal. All the resources are coming into the EOS ecology, EOS has no reason to fail.

Li Zhen is the cofounder of TED.CC, columnist and forum moderators of Babbitt, former promotor of Mastercoin Chinese Community and the big V “比特真” in Sina microblog. He shared about the Bitcoin whitepaper, BIOS Boot and etc.

The history of bitcoin bubbles:
10.10.4 / 0.01 — — Bitcoin code bug
11.6.6 / 31.91 — — The Swedish Pirate Party turned all its assets to bitcoin.
11.11.14 / 1.994 — — The first global conference of bitcoin
13.4.8 / 266 — — Cyprus’ economic crisis resulted in the purchase of bitcoin
13.7.1 / 65.42 — — Germany confirmed the status of bitcoin as a private currency
13.12.2 / 1242 — — People’s Bank of China and five ministries jointly issued the notice about preventing the risks of bitcoin, bitcoin was defined as virtual product in China
13.12.2 / 1242 — — MtGox was stolen and declared bankruptcy
15.8.24 / 198.12 — — CFTC in the USA confirmed the derivative status of bitcoin
17.12.7 / 19666 — — ICO the Chinese government issued the 94 policy and banned ICO

Speeches in Chengdu

The business manager of Pie wallet Wang Haizhou (Antony) explained the convenient function in Bitpie like the discovery page, OTC trade, instant trade and EXPIE exchange. To the cooperation plan raised by pie open platform, Haizhou said the plan includes giving the technical consultancy and support to the cooperative partner, it can be the wallet technology or blockchain underlying technology, it can be about security or smart contract. We will directly help our partner to solve the barriers in developing the blockchain. At the same time, the open platform will provide many kinds of business components, help to reduce the development resources, lowing the development difficulties and avoid roll them own. The corporation only need to care its own business logic without worrying about the safekeeping and technical issues of assets. At the same time, Bitpie works together with communities including EOS community to give great apps the support in wallet access and community ecology, and even join the project incubation process.

BTC CEO Caizi shared about the integrated solution on BTC 123 platform, he pointed out some misunderstandings of corporations towards blockchain entrepreneurship:

  1. insufficient understanding of blockchain entrepreneurship
  2. lack of application technology of blockchain
  3. unclear about the operation process in establishing blockchain salesmen
  4. unprofessional in blockchain product operating
  5. the blockchain development technology is under developing

To token holders:

  1. the investment judgement towards initial projects
  2. invest in secondary blockchain market blindly
  3. invest in too many tokens, result in great disorder in assets and lack of unified management

INB capital partner, COCOS consultant Yin Jianhui gave a speech on “COCOS, EOS and trans-graphene ecological collaboration.” He said that to solve the practice of blockchain technology in game industry and to support a Texas Hold’em poker, these aspects need to be achieved:

(1)consensus in a small range and random number (generates in the decentralized environment)
(2)precise intrachain timer
(3)support consensus tasks in grammar level
(4)appropriate contract language and grammar
(5)communication and heartbeat detection (to identify if the player is off-line)
(6)minimum acknowledge cycle for issues (request in not only the throughput speed but also the reaction speed).

Bitpie Wallet

Born out of Bither, Bitpie Wallet has a team consisted of experts of blockchain technology, IT services, and financial industry.

Based on our profound understanding of blockchain technology and rich experience in Bither operations, Bitpie Wallet strives to provide safe assets management and diversified blockchain application services for worldwide users, allowing them 100 percent control of their assets while enjoying convenient trading and application services.

We attach great importance to safety and have earned a good reputation through our strenuous efforts. It is based on this that the Bitpie Wallet-Bither developed by us was listed among the wallets recommended by

The world is stepping up towards blockchain, a world somewhat difficult for us to explore. What we are doing now is trying to build Bitpie Wallet into your key towards this new world.

Bitpie team
15th June 2018

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The 12th stop is Taiyuan (20th June), we invited the pioneer of IPFS mining and the founder of Beijing Fei’er Science and Technology Ltd. Xie Jinbin and the living fossil in the circle of tokens Sun Xiaoxiao, we look forward to seeing you there.



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