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How to Buy Bitcoin in a Simple Way?

is hard to buy Bitcoin for lots of people around the world. Also, it not easy for many agencies to find a trustable third party to buy bitcoin for their clients. Bitpie Wallet, as a reputable decentralized wallet, now offers people a simple way to buy and sell bitcoin (and more cryptocurrencies) with a USD bank account.

How to Buy Cryptos in Bitpie?

Prior to the steps, you need to download and install Bitpie wallet ( And complete the KYC verification. What’s KYC?

You are able to buy BTC/ETH/USDT/LTC etc. in Bitpie. Let’s start!

Step 1: Fnd the ‘ Buy/Sell ’ button 👇🏻

Step 2: Select ‘ USD Buy/Sell ’ then type in the amount 👇🏻

It will be processing if you have USD in your Pie Bank, if you don`t have then you shall go to deposit first.

Step 3: Deposit USD in your Pie Bank👇🏻

Reminder: In the last step of depositing USD into your Pie Bank, you should use a Wire Transfer to send the exactly amount to the Bank Account we provide in the App. Any fee occured during the wire transfer should be borne by the buyer.

Step 4: Order been created and wait for coin release👇🏻

How to Sell?

Step 1: Enter Buy/Sell on Bitpie;

Step 2: Click ‘ sell ’ button and select BTC trade👇🏻

Step 3: Order been created and check out your Pie Bank👇🏻

After selling your Bitcoin, the USD will exist in your Pie bank first, then you shall withdrew them to your Bank Account.

Step 4: Add your Bank Account and withdrew your USD👇🏻

Fill in your USD Bank Account information and we will use wire transfer to send the USD to your account within 2–5 work days.

Bitpie But/Sell Q&A👇🏻

1. What are the countries and regions currently supported?

* Mainly in the United States and Canada.

* For another country, please ensure that your bank account support USD.

* We currently do not support Africa, South America and countries subject to USD sanctions

2. What are the conditions for the transfer?

You need to have an USD account and fill in the necessary payment information (such as bank account number, SWIFT code, etc.)

3. How long does it take to arrive?

Normally within 2–5 business days

4. What is the transfer limit?

The minimum is $1,000 and daily limit is $10,000 per person.

If the transfer amount is between $1,000 and $5,000, at least $35 is charged, excluding the bank fee and we charge 1% when over $5000

5. How to contact your client service?

If you have any question or your transfer amount exceeds the limit, feel free to reach out:


Telegram: @kelvin914

Skype: kelvinleung_tf

Wechat : Kelvinl1993

WhatApp: 852–66161986




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