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How to Do Cocos-BCX MainNet Token Mapping?

The Cocos-BCX MainNet token mapping starts from February 27, 2020. Please make sure to follow the operation guide to complete the COCOS mapping correctly.

For any questions during the mapping process, please join Telegram Official Group and ask admins for assistance. We will help you resolve the questions as soon as we can.

Bitpie is the ONLY selected partner of Cocos-BCX on mobile terminal.

To celebrate the mapping start, we are launching a #GIVEAWAY with 5000 COCOS!

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  • Please identify the official designated mapping address of Cocos-BCX:0xAC1E002563E0945ad8F1c193171e3ce2617B269e
  • DO NOT send your ERC20 tokens from exchanges to the above address!
  • Please beware of fraudulent websites and impersonating social media accounts.
  • This mapping can be done in two ways currently: Bitpie Wallet for mobile users Mapping and MetaMask Extension Mapping for PC users . Exchange Mapping will be available soon.
  • It is highly recommended that you use a safe ERC20 address to swap.
  • The mapping ratio is 1:1, i.e. 1 ERC20 COCOS = 1 MainNet COCOS
  • Please beware that a transcation hash can only be mapped once. It takes some time to complete the entire mapping, so do not repeat the operation.
  • Please beware that all mapping applications on the day will be processed in batches at 6 pm every day.

Bitpie Wallet Mapping for Mobile Users

  1. Transfer ERC20 COCOS to the official designated mapping address of Cocos-BCX(0xAC1E002563E0945ad8F1c193171e3ce2617B269e)
  • Please make sure to confirm the official mapping address multiple times.

2. When you submit the mapping, you need to enter transcation hash(ID). So click on the transcations record to copy transcation Hash.

3. When you submit the mapping, you need to have a COCOS MainNet account. If you do not have a MainNet account, you can also register directly with Bitpie Wallet.

4. Bitpie Wallet registration process:

  • Select wallet system COCOS (Cocos-BCX) and create COCOS MainNet account following to rules.

5. After you get transcation hash and Go to the mapping DApp(, click “Submit Mapping”, fill in transaction hash and mainnet account and confirm signature.

6. After the transfer is successful and the 12 blocks are confirmed, the transcation hash and MainNet account information obtained by the above transcation are signed, and then wait for the same amount of MainNet COCOS to arrive.

7. Enter the MainNet account for query.

8. If your phone is iOS, please download bitpie pro version.

The above is a detailed guide on the MainNet COCOS mapping for mobile users, which has been released on the official website and official social channels. Users who hold ERC20 COCOS should arrange the time reasonably and choose to map the currently circulating ERC20 COCOS to the MainNet COCOS through official and third party tools.

In addition, if your position exceeds 100 million COCOS, please contact Alvin (Telegram Username: @Alvintheone ) for one-to-one assistance mapping. (14:00 pm to 20:00 pm daily)

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