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How to use the hash value to verify the authenticity of Bitpie

In order to prevent users from losing assets due to downloading a fake wallet, we strongly recommend that users perform hash verification on the installation package after downloading online.

Android APK verification method:

1. Find the Bitpie wallet and the hash value

2. After downloaded Bitpie, use the hash tool to verify

There are two online verification tools can be used (for mobile phones and PC)

3. Check whether the hash is consistent with the officially announced value

If the hash by the third-party tool is consistent with the hash announced by Bitpie, it means that the downloaded APP is by Bitpie.

However, if the hash value is different, it means that the user has downloaded a fake package, and all assets will be stolen by using the fake APP, so please do not use it and delete this installation package immediately.

IOS version verification method:

IOS only has one official channel to download. When you download on the App Store, you can identify the developer BITPIE HK LIMITED and other development accounts are fake.



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