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It is NOT safe if you only check the last four digits of the address!

There are some new type of scams recently:

The scammer will analyze the active users on the chain and find the addresses that are often transfer. After that, the scammer will generate the same address as the last four digits of the address as a disguised address, and the disguised address will be used to make small transfers to the user.

If the user has the habit of copying the transaction address in the historical transaction records, and does not pay attention to check it carefully, it is easy to copy a fake address of the scammer, and accidentally transfer money to the fake address, which will cause loss of assets.

As it is easy to generate a fake address with the same four digits, such scams may increase rapidly.

How to prevent:

Check as many digits as possible before copying the transfer address. If the transfer amount is large, be sure to check the complete address.



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