How do I earn Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become the new “it” thing. Its value has surged by 400% over the past year to $2,700, and more and more economies and markets are regarding it as a viable currency. It is ushering in the dawn of cryptocurrency.

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No wonder, then, that people ask us at Bitrefill where they can get Bitcoin. Even our users who have accessed Bitcoin before want to identity other channels to acquire this brand-new currency.


If you want to get a hold of Bitcoin, you will find a way. Many channels to do so exist. We will share them with you and will rank them according to ease and reliability.


If you have ever had a job, do you understand the rationale behind receiving a salary for working? Or if you have ever run a business, do you understand the rationale behind receiving revenue for selling a product or service? If so, then you understand how to receive Bitcoin. Instead of asking for fiat currency, ask that your employer or customer pay you in cryptocurrency. In case they don’t have Bitcoin, you can also perform small tasks on sites like Jobs4Bitcoins. This may be the most straightforward and reliable way to earn Bitcoin.


You can always just buy Bitcoin. Many exchanges, such as Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and Buy Bitcoin Online, exist. Connect a financial account of yours to the exchange, and you can purchase Bitcoins as if they were any other good or service. Here is a website that allows you to search for exchanges by country. This is also a straightforward and reliable way to earn Bitcoin.


Some people seek help in return for Bitcoin. For example, you could answer a question on Bitfortip. While these questions may not take much time to answer, you will compete against many people — and often for a small reward. Other sites that offer Bitcoin for your thoughts are 21 and Bitcoin Reward. This is a straightforward yet competitive (and often low-paying) way to earn Bitcoin.


Do you like to play games? If so, then you may be interested in Bitcoin faucets like FortuneJack and Bitsler. Essentially, you click on ads or pay games in return for free cryptocurrency. The upside is that it is free. The downside is that you would waste lots of time for a small reward. This is a straightforward yet time-consuming way to earn Bitcoin.


You could try to mine for Bitcoin, but this is a terrible idea for the average person. It would require investing in heavy-duty computing equipment, and even then you would not be guaranteed anything. This is a resource-intensive and unreliable way to earn Bitcoin. For more than 99% of people, forget it.


Many people will try to convince you that you can become wealthier by investing and trading Bitcoin. As we have mentioned before, be cautious of these promises! Nobody can predict the future, so how could they? Many scams sell people false dreams, and crooks run away with people’s hard-earned money. If you do decide to invest and to trade Bitcoin, be very careful with whom you do business, and be prepared to lose value in case the price of Bitcoin falls in financial markets. In general, we advise staying away — far away — from this channel unless you have previous experience with Bitcoin.

If you follow the advice above, you may earn more Bitcoin. Congratulations! Of course, now the question is how to use it. You could recharge your prepaid mobile phone with Bitrefill. Thousands of people in 150 countries use our service to do just that. You could also pay for a good or service from other companies that accept Bitcoin. Once you decide to spend it and have no more, at least you now know where to go to replenish your Bitcoin wallet.