Add a webhook automatically to your app on Bitrise whenever

Aug 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Need a new webhook added to your app on Bitrise? No problem, add a new one automatically whenever you want to.

When you go to the Code tab of your app, you can setup a webhook manually right away.

To set it up automatically, you’ll need:

  • the Service Credential User…
    You can setup an SCU on the Team tab:
  • … connected to the right provider
    You can see the provider in the top right corner. (For example GitHub)

How to make this happen

  • You can have all the major providers connected to your Bitrise profile. (GitHub is not connected for our test case below. 🙁 )
  • Or you can connect the source code provider on the Code tab by clicking Connect Git account.

After connecting the Git Account, we’ll check if there is a webhook already registered.

If there isn’t, you’ll be able to Register a Webhook.

See, the registration of the webhook was successful:

If you want to add a new one, then go to GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab, delete the old one and then open the Code tab again.

You might want to check the number of webhooks already registered to the repo as there is a maximum but there is no specific error message for this. Delete an old one and try again.

Happy building! 🚀

Originally published on the Bitrise Blog.


Medium Blog of Bitrise, the #1 CICD platform for mobile app development


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Medium Blog of Bitrise, the #1 CICD platform for mobile app development

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