Community Building at the 2019 CRA-W Grad Cohort for Women

418 graduate women in computing learning the skills to change the world #GradCohort2019

So many ribbons, y’all. [Alt: Eight conference badge ribbons of different colors.]
Ayanna Howard and Maria Gini. [Alt: Two women on a stage in front of a crowd.]

Networking and Finding Advocates

A.J. Brush (@ajbrush) & Soha Hassoun (@sohahassoun)

Soha Hassoun and A.J. Brush. [Alt: One woman speaking at a podium, another seated at a table.]

Publishing your Research

Andrea Danyluk (site) & Margaret Martonosi (@margmartonosi)

Andrea Danyluk and Margaret Martonosi before the session. [Alt: Two women chatting at a table in front of a crowd.]

Panel: Balancing Grad School and Personal Life

Andrea Danyluk (site), Mandy Pant (site), & Rebecca Wright (site)

Andrea Danyluk, Mandy Pant, & Rebecca Wright. [Alt: Three women standing at a table and podium in front of a crowd.]
Lunch with research groups! [Alt: A hotel ballroom filled with 400+ women at tables.]

Keynote: The Pursuit of Collective Intelligence, and Happiness, in Science

Radhika Nagpal (site)

Radhika Nagpal’s radical ruminations. [Alt: A woman standing at a podium in front of a crowd, next to a projected slide discussing how scientific culture is based in implicit rules, and how changing the rules can change culture.]

Strategies for Human-Human Interaction

Jamika Burge (@JDBurge), Margaret Martonosi (@margmartonosi), & Kathryn McKinley (site)

Jamika Burge, Margaret Martonosi, and Kathryn McKinley before the panel. [Alt: Three women seated and chatting at a table on a stage.]

Building Self-Confidence

Bushra Anjum (@DrBushraAnjum) & Patty Lopez (@pittrpatt)

Bushra Anjum and Patty Lopez. [Alt: Two women on a stage, one of whom is speaking at a podium.]

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