Add attributes with empty values in ReactJS

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There are times when you want to add html tag attributes in a React app.

We normally add attributes based on some logic, for example if some state value is true set the value of the attribute as something.


<div className={ this.state.isRisk ? "danger" : "normal">...</div>

This will be either rendered as

<div class="danger">...</div> or div class="normal">...</div> based on the state value isRisk

In the above case there is a value for the attribute, that is class="danger" . Sometimes you don’t want to have any value for the attribute. I was using a third party library which checks only if the attribute is present, it does not care about the attribute values.

So I tried something like this.
<div { this.state.isPrint ? data-is-print : null } >...</div> I am using vscode editor and it will immediately throw the below error.

vscode error when trying to add attribute with empty values

I need the output like <div data-is-print>...</div>

This is how to do that.

Have a variable like this.

let dataIsPrint = this.state.isPrint ?
{ "data-is-print" : "" } : {};

In the render() use like this.

<div { ...dataIsPrint } > Some text </div>

The rendered code will look like this.

<div data-is-print> Some text </div>

The same method can be used to add checked and disabled attributes in form inputs.

Hope this helps…