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Promise Rings

from Heart-Shaped Hands.

Photo by H F E Co Studio on Unsplash, Edited by Slaidey Valheim.

A part of me hated the idea of promise rings the same way I hated the word “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” and ultimately “love.”

Not because I didn’t want to claim them for ourselves — because they felt tainted.

These expressions of our feelings for one another had already been so used. People picked them up and threw them around like a party ball at…




Bits & Bones is a collection of self reflection and expression. A mix of personal experiences, creative nonfiction and prose to move, break, and expose a soul.

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Slaidey Valheim

Slaidey Valheim

A writer of brutally honest non-fiction and gritty short stories. Posts every Monday and Wednesday! Support/follow her @

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