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Bits & Bones

The Last Fruit

Prose born from this collapsing tree

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash. Edited by Slaidey Valheim.

I sometimes smell it leaking out of me the morning after;
The smell of myself rotting from the inside out.

A familiar scent that crawled its way up from my parents’ basement on Sunday afternoons,

Hung on the breath of relatives that liked to lean in too close and whisper too loud.



Bits & Bones is a collection of self reflection and expression. A mix of personal experiences, creative nonfiction and prose to move, break, and expose a soul.

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Slaidey Valheim

A writer of brutally honest non-fiction and gritty short stories. Editor of Crumpled Paper Press, Bits & Bones and Acidic Ink Publication! Tip on her Ko-fi!